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A simple trick for a sharp apical barrier placement

One step apexification with MTA is nowadays a widely diffused procedure, although the major problem in cases of a wide open apex is the need to limit and confine the apexification material at the apex, avoiding its extrusion into the periodontal tissue. The use of a biocompatible matrix is advisable because its placement in the […]

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Irrigants: solutions and techniques

The aim of root canal therapy is either the treatment or the prevention of periapical periodontitis (or better, periradicular, taking into account lateral lesions). Kakehashi and coworkers, in 1965, were the first to demonstrate the relationship between periradicular lesions of endodontic origin and microbiota in the endodontic space. This result was confirmed later by most […]

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Overfilling: Endodontic Failure Vs Clinical Success

Many dentists believe that procedural errors in daily practice, such as over-filling, i.e. the contact of filling materials, generally gutta-percha and ZOE (Zinc Oxide Eugenol) sealer with the periradicular region in endodontically treated teeth are a direct cause of endodontic failure. A number of Authors reported the negative impact of over-filling on the predictability of […]

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Surgical Flap in Endo Surgery - Part 1

The selection of an appropriate flap design could determine the success of an endodontic surgery; therefore it's not possible to use a single flap design for different clinical situations and every flap has advantages and disadvantages: for this reason the pre-surgical planning is one of the most important phase of the treatment. The design of […]

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CBCT: The dark side of the moon

Why guessing what we could see? In comparison with the 2D imaging, 3D technology allows a safer and faster diagnostic process. Analysing the articles related to CBCT technology published in the Literature from 1998 to nowadays, only the 16,3% of papers deals with implantology. More than the 25% of the studies written from 1998 and […]

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Endodontic training

At one time I thought the most important thing was talent. I think now that — the young man or the young woman must possess or teach himself, train himself, in infinite patience, which is to try and to try and to try until it comes right. He must train himself in ruthless intolerance. William […]

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Fabio Gorni interviews Clifford Ruddle

Like the dental extraction, serious endodontic treatment is directed toward removing all the pulp and bacteria, when present, and their related breakdown products from the root canal system. Clinical treatment steps that comprise start-to-finish endodontics generally include: 1. Anesthesia, isolation, and cutting the access preparation. 2. Identifying, negotiating, and securing any given canal to its […]

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PROTRAIN: Endodontic training system

Protrain has been thinked to allow and facilitate the simulation of the dentists endodontic therapy during workshops and training courses. Buy Protrain

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A novel method for Fragment Reattachment After Post Placement
Post endo restoration

Fracture by trauma is one of the most common kind of dental injury in the permanent dentition among children and teenagers.If the original tooth fragment is retained following fracture line, the natural tooth structures can be reattached using adhesive protocols. In this article we report one case of traumatized maxillary permanent central incisors, which were […]

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Non-vital tooth bleaching

In this article the protocol of non-vital bleaching of extensively discolored anterior teeth was described with practical tips for practitioners. The more detailed protocols and more clinical cases can be found in author’s book edited by Quintessence (Warsaw, 2013, Polish language): “Endoprosthodontics: guidelines for clinical practice” Dentist should always consider teeth bleaching at the beginning […]

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