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Touch your DICOMs

Send us your DICOMs and we will 3D reconstruct the anatomical part of your interest
Touch your DICOMs - a project by Style Italiano Endodontics

Change the way you train

With the use of an advanced 3D printing technology we will finally physically produce the anatomical model and send it to you ready for your endodontic training.

From DICOMs to a physical model to use

We can also produce a video for you with the immersive 3D virtual navigation of the anatomical model: a great support for your endodontic courses.

No more extracted teeth!

The use of extracted teeth in endodontic trainings involves numerous logistical and sanitary limitations.
Today with High Definition 3D Printing Technology you can get a realistic 3D endodontic models.
We provide you with the 3D printed teeth from your DICOM files, so that you can start training on it right away
Send us your DICOM files right now!

Services description

3D Reconstruction of endodontic model from CBCT

Once we receive your CBCT we evaluate the quality of the images. If this is ok we will start to 3D reconstruct your anatomical part with our anatomical 3D reconstruction software.
We will optimize the anatomical model for printing and send it to 3D printer based on your needs.
We can print the model in materials with mechanical characteristics similar to bone and dentin tissues.

3D Reconstruction of endodontic model from CBCT
with anatomy customization

We can customize your anatomical model obtained from the CBCT that you will send us.
It is possible to customize the geometry of the roots and canals including their shape, their path in the teeth’s roots and their diameter.
The customized anatomical model thus obtained will then be sent to 3D printing process in the materials and colors established during the order.

3D Reconstruction of Anatomical 3D Model
with soft and hard tissue from CBCT or CT images

We can reconstruct a complex anatomical model composed of soft and hard tissues from your CBCT. This service product can be used for your advanced surgical – endodontic training.
The 3D printing technology we use allows us to print both soft and hard materials respecting as much as possible the mechanical characteristics of the gum tissue and native bone tissue.

Complex 3D Reconstruction with complete customization

If you need a complex reconstruction or to create a very unique model with advanced customization you can use our advanced 3D modeling service with hourly work.

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