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Retreatments, the Style Italiano Endodontics book
The ten chapters of the volume answer these ten fundamental questions and the clinician who faces an apical pathology of endodontic origin will therefore have the solutions. 
The aim of this text/atlas is to provide a guide to the diagnostic approach and to the execution of endodontic retreatments of complex cases.


Pio Bertani
Massimo Gagliani
Fabio Gorni
Calogero Bugea
Filippo Cardinali
Enrico Cassai
Arnaldo Castellucci
Francesca Cerutti
Roberto Fornara
Paolo Generali
Massimo Giovarruscio
Davide Guglielmi
Marco Martignoni
Tiziano Testori
Riccardo Tonini

Table of contents

Chapter 1 The Failures In Endodontics. A Clinical And Epidemiological Analysis.

Chapter 2 Diagnostic Procedures In Endodontic Failures. Clinical And Radiological Examinations Useful In The Identification Of Periapical Lesions.

Chapter Clinical Procedures To Access The Endodontium.

Chapter Disinfection And Clinical Protocols In Retreatments.

Chapter 5 Endodontal Filling.

Chapter 6 Post-Retreatment: A Guided Course. The Temporal Evolution Of The Therapies’ Outcomes: Tools And Means To Evaluate.

Chapter 7 Endo-Periodontal Lesions And Perforations.

Chapter 8 Surgical Endodontics. An Alternative Approach For The Treatment Of Periapical Diseases.

Chapter 9 The Reconstruction Of The Endodontically Retreated Tooth. Peculiarities And Operational Techniques.

Chapter 10 Tooth Or Implant: Criteria For Solving The Dilemma.

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