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Dealing with lower premolars
Anatomy EndoResto

The first step to reach the success of root canal therapy is o have a good knowledge of the root and root canal morphology. This helps us to locate all the canals and properly clean, shape, and obturate the canal spaces in all dimensions. Slowey has suggested that mandibular first premolars, often called as “Endodontist's […]

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Smart ledge crossing with FANTA files
Root canal preparation Shaping Tips and tricks

During preparation ledges are inadvertently created and make further instrumentation more difficult as file tips snag in the ledge rather than progressing smoothly to the working length. Stiff instruments or drills will tend to straighten in the curved root canal. Ledges are most likely on the outer curvature either at the primary curvature or apically. […]

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Pulpotomy in mature permanent teeth - Part II
Decision making Pulp capping

There are three techniques available for treatment of immature permanent teeth with exposed vital pulps: direct pulp capping, partial pulpotomy and complete pulpotomy. Indication for permanent tooth pulpotomy : Tooth has no history of spontaneous pain Tooth has no discomfort to percussion, no vestibular swelling and no mobility Radiographic examination shows normal appearance of periodontal […]

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MG3 Blue , Long Rooted Molar
Shaping Tools

In this article we are introducing the MG3 Blue Files for the treatment of Long Mandibular Molar and how the system combines the function of Cutting Efficiency & Flexibility to facilitate the shaping  sequence.

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Bioceramics & Heat: The Possible Couple
Condensation Obturation

One of the main goals of Endodontic treatment is to prevent reinfection hence come the role of obturation and 3D sealing to root canal system to provide sufficient apical and coronal seal against bacterial re invasion. Root canal system is so complex, presence of anastomosis, isthmuses and lateral canals exhibit a challenge for the clinician […]

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Post-Endo conservative fiber post build up
EndoResto Post endo restoration Post luting

Core build up using adhesive materials has become very popular due to many advantages of this technique. Better aesthetics in the front region and better mechanical force distribution compared to metal posts are some of the advantages. Another enhancement would be the conservative preparation or even no post preparation for root canal treated teeth, where […]

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Endodontic management of a Traumatic Maxillary Central Incisor with wide open apex and evident resorption
Filling MTA

Pulp necrosis(mostly due to trauma) in teeth with incomplete roots can arrest root development resulting in open apices. he main challenge in performing root-canal treatment in teeth with necrotic pulps and wide-open apices is to obtain an optimal apical seal. The wide foramen requires a large volume of filling material that may extrude from the […]

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External root resorption: is intentional replantation a real option? A case report
Tips and tricks

External cervical resorption (ECR) is initiated on the external aspect of the root, usually apical to the epithelial attachment. It is often aggressive in nature, resulting in significant loss of tooth structure.  The purpose of this case report is to present a multidisciplinary management of ECR in a patient. The challenge is to identify the […]

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Electronic Apex Locator
Electronic working length Root canal preparation

Successful endodontic treatment depends on the triad of shaping, thorough cleaning and 3- dimensional obturation of tooth within the confines of canals. To achieve this objective the apical constriction must be detected accurately during canal preparation and precise control over working length during the procedure must be maintained. There are many methods of working length […]

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Root canal retreatment of a LR6 using MG3 File System from Perfect: a case report
Shaping Tools

Root canal retreatments always represent a hot topic. Whether the preoperative X-ray informs on a difficult retreatement or not, choosing the right armamentarium is crucial and can help the clinician in reaching the working length and remove the obturation materials. The disinfection of the endodontic system plays a key role in the treatment outcome, however, […]

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Direct composite veneers

A 60 years old male came to our office due to abrasion and erosion he had on the front teeth. The involved teeth were vital and without any symtomps. The intra-oral examination showed an important abrasion of the vestibular face of the two central incisors, while radiographic examination showed no problems on the pulp and the […]

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