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Fully Calcified Canals : Is it a Challenge ??
Anatomy Decision making Diagnosis

A 30 years old female patient been referred to retreat her lower first molar patient was suffering from food packing in the area between  Molar and second premolar Clinical examination showed that there was very bad amlgam Restoration with missing walls Radiography examination show that the tooth was fully  calcified . So we start to treat this tooth Since people are living longer and […]

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Root To Crown With Dentoclic Fiber Post Build Up Chapter 1: Molar Case
EndoResto Post endo restoration

Failing primary endodontic treatments are retreated to enhance the cleaning and shaping of the entire root canal space. Reshaping usually tends to eliminate more tooth structure from the canal walls. Furthermore endodontically treated teeth are already susceptible to mechanical failure due to de-roofing of the pulp chamber. For all these reason special care should be […]

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The importance of the tube shift technique of radiography, during root canal treatment of mandibular anterior teeth.
Anatomy Diagnosis

One of the leading reasons for an unsuccessful root canal treatment of mandibular anterior, is missing out the presence of a second canal, thus leaving it untreated. (4). In endodontics, parallax technique is preferable for mandibular anterior teeth, to avoid superimposition of canals over each other (1). This article explores the importance of a tube […]

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Immature tooth with apical periodontitis and sinus tract undergoes apexogenesis. A case report.

It is believed that Apical Periodontitis develop in teeth where the pulp is necrotic. However, some studies show that remnants of vital pulp tissues might still be in the canal even in teeth with signs of pulp necrosis. In open apex cases, those remnants of vital pulp tissues can be important in achieving desired outcomes like […]

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Shaping with mg3 gold
Shaping Tools

“Even a dentist who is not confident with his obturation technique can easily obturate a root canal with warm gutta-percha as long as the root canal has been cleaned and shaped lege artis” Shilder 1987 This article will show the advantages of the MG3 Gold instruments and how can we customize the sequence of these […]

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Build up and onlay preparation of an endodontically treated tooth with QuickBond adhesive system and Dentocore core build up composite
EndoResto Post endo restoration Tools

Rehabilitating endodontically treated teeth that have partially maintained coronal structure with overlay is nowadays the gold standard. Adhesive dentistry has changed the way we approach these cases: the goal is to maintain the coronal structure that has not been removed during caries removal and during root canal therapy. Adhesives and composites have permitted more conservative […]

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MOLARIZED PREMOLAR Management of three rooted premolar

Maxillary first premolars are commonly known by having two canals in one or two separate roots (60-65%), meanwhile Maxillary second premolars are known by having one canal in one root (38-48%).  Three separate roots in Maxillary first premolar has shown very rare incidence (2.5-5%), even rarer are reported to Maxillary second premolars  This article describes […]

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Pre-operative X-ray: suggested or obligatory
Diagnosis Retreatments

A case report showing the extent of the negative impact resulting from not performing a Pre-operative (diagnostic) x-ray before starting to treat a case. Dental radiology is the core diagnostic modality of dentistry. Dental radiographs assist in detecting hidden painful pathology,  assessing treatment options, providing intraoperative guidance, and also serve to monitor success of prior […]

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Direct restoration of an endodontically treated tooth with Itena Reflectys composite and Quick bond adhesive system
Post endo restoration Tips and tricks

Adhesive dentistry changed the way we approach the rehabilitation of endodontically treated teeth. Adhesives and composites have permitted more conservative protocols for repairing severely damaged teeth by reducing the invasiveness that was historically involved with the ‘’classic’’ prosthetic approach. In particular, direct restoration are the most conservative approach of the modern dentistry and in some […]

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Dental Adhesives: a 10 years story
Adhesives Anatomy

An article by dr. Salvatore Sauro Overview and basic commentary  Before any discussion about adhesion to crown and root dentine, it is imperative to state that there is no substantial scientific research evidence-base that can support a specific bonding approach rather than another. Said that, there are several in vitro studies showing that multi-step bonding […]

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The Golden Era of root canal shaping
Shaping Tools

Following the access preparation and location of anatomy, the next challenge facing the endodontic clinician is to select the proper alloy and sequence for the shaping procedures in order to be able to safely and predictably shape the anatomy without any procedural errors. This article will show the advantages of the MG3 Gold instruments and […]

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Middle Mesial Canal How to Detect it

Article by: Elias Abboud, Damascus Syria    The mandibular first molar seems to be the tooth that most often requires an endodontic procedure (vital pulp capping, pulpotomy, root canal therapy) therefore, its morphology has received a great deal of attention. The canals in the mesial root are the mesiobuccal and mesiolingual canals. A middle mesial canal (MMC) sometimes […]

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