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Versatility in root canal filling

Several filling techniques exist: the clinician should be choosing the filling technique according to the clinical conditions.

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Removal of separated files; More than one way to achieve.
Separated instruments

Fractured endodontic instruments visualized on the initial radiograph of a case that calls for retreatment may pose a great challenge to the clinician who is being asked to undertake an already complicated task. Conventional conservative management of separated instruments includes attempts to remove or bypass the fragment, or prepare and fill the root canal system […]

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Custom loop: Removing broken root canal instruments
Separated instruments Tips and tricks

Fracture of root canal instruments used in root canals is a common complication in endodontics. In this article, I will demonstrate the creation of a custom loop that can be used to retrieve a broken root canal instrument

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Cracked tooth syndrome
Decision making Diagnosis

Within the intricate landscape of dental health, the phenomenon of cracked teeth poses a challenging conundrum for both patients and dental professionals. Cracked teeth, an umbrella term encompassing various fissures and fractures within tooth structures, present a complex array of symptoms and diagnostic intricacies, often defying conventional diagnostic methodologies. This exclusive article aims to delve into the multifaceted nature of cracked teeth, exploring their diverse manifestations, diagnostic challenges, and tailored approaches to comprehensive management.

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Silver points retreatment

In this article, I will discuss the retrieval of Silver Point Cones using the grasping technique

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Autotransplantation as an alternative treatment option
Anatomy Decision making

Traditional transplantation, surgical extrusion and intentional replantation procedures are important treatment options that clinicians may consider performing in their daily clinical practice. 

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Radix entomolaris and paramolaris
Anatomy Diagnosis

Supernumerary root in mandibular molars; prevalence, classification, diagnosis and management.

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By-pass with style
Separated instruments

The main purpose of an endodontic treatment is to render the root canal system free of bacteria. This will facilitate the resolution of inflammation and the alleviation of symptoms. But most of the time, the clinician faces obstacles that must be overcome to properly disinfect the root canals. Failure to remove these interferences means that […]

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Intentional replantation in distal root defect made by wisdom tooth.
Intentional replantation


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Expanding the limits of Tooth Restorability

Nowadays, it is a common thing to have patients with extensive dental tissue loss because of caries. However, high magnification and the use of new technology and techniques help us to save teeth that not long ago would be considered for extraction. A patient, with clear medical history, was referred for evaluation of restorability and […]

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Deep caries due to pre-eruptive intracoronal resorption (PIER) in a recently erupted maxillary second molar: a case report
EndoPerio EndoResto

A pre-eruptive intra-coronal resorption (PIER) is a defect located in the dentin of an unerupted tooth, just beneath the dentin-enamel junction.  The depth of the lesion is variable and may also reach the pulp, like in this 13 years old patient.  In the past, these lesions were confused with caries, and were therefore called “hidden” […]

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Distal canal as a determinant of MB2 location?!
Anatomy MB2

Finding mB2 can be challenging work. Usually, the entrance is covered with thick deposition of secondary dentin, which impede visualization. In clinical practice finding MB2 is of higher importance, while ignoring it can lead to apical periodontitis in vast majority of cases. We want to share more predictable searching method for easy detection of MB2.

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