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Distal canal as a determinant of MB2 location?!

Finding mB2 can be challenging work. Usually, the entrance is covered with thick deposition of secondary dentin, which impede visualization. In clinical practice finding MB2 is of higher importance, while ignoring it can lead to apical periodontitis in vast majority of cases. We want to share more predictable searching method for easy detection of MB2.

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MB3 in second maxillary molar

A case presentation of maxillary second molar with 3 mesio buccal (MB) canals.

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MB2: locating and accessing

As we know, the presence of a second canal in the mesiobuccal root is very common in upper molars.
This second canal is usually more difficult to treat, due to its location and anatomy.
In the article, we will describe how we can locate it, and how to properly manage the entrance of the canal, in order to carry out adequate instrumentation of it.

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MB2: The Most Famous Missed Canal

Missed Anatomy is one of the main causes of endodontic failure. The untreated root canal space represent a reservoir for bacteria and necrotic tissue that could be responsible for future failures of endodontic treatment. Among maxillary molars MB2 proven to be the most neglected canal during root canal treatment, inability to follow the rules and […]

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