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Retratment of an upper first molar made with the Retreaty kit by Perfect Endo

A retreatment can represent an issue for every practitioner. It is always unpredictable due to many unforeseen elements like intracanal obstacles, iatrogenic errors and complicated anatomies. Recently the Retreaty Kit has been launched: it consists in a sequence of files made with the idea of providing the clinician with a predictable sequence to follow since […]

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The vicious cycle of errors in retreatment cases

A simple step by step technique of separated instrument removal, gaining patency and perforation repair.

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Endodontic retreatment: expect the unexpected

The goal of an endodontic treatment is to disinfect the root canal system. This will facilitate the resolution of inflammation and the alleviation of symptoms. Failure to achieve this goal means that parts of the root canal system will not be thoroughly cleaned and will carry on containing a significant population of bacteria. This fact […]

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Re-treatment Decoding : obturation dilemma   

In this article we are going to share how to manage an upper first molar in a predictable way for a long-term successful re-treatment.

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Non-Surgical Root Canal ReTreatment of Failed Apicoectomy with the Use of MTA cement 

Teeth with previous apical resection and persistent apical periodontitis are usually re-treated surgically or with a combination of non-surgical and surgical re-treatment. Alternatively, nonsurgical orthograde treatment of failed apicoectomy can be performed using the apical barrier technique used for apical closure of nonvital teeth with apical resorption or immature nonvital teeth. Mineral trioxide aggregate (MTA) […]

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Expanding the limits of Tooth Restorability

Nowadays, it is a common thing to have patients with extensive dental tissue loss because of caries. However, high magnification and the use of new technology and techniques help us to save teeth that not long ago would be considered for extraction. A patient, with clear medical history, was referred for evaluation of restorability and […]

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Optimizing Endodontic Outcomes through Selective Root Retreatment

In field of endodontic retreatment, the traditional dichotomy between non-selective nonsurgical methods and selective surgical interventions has been redefined by advances in CBCT imaging. This technological leap has facilitated the development of a contemporary method that amalgamates the conservative nature of nonsurgical techniques with the precision of surgical selectivity. This novel, minimally invasive approach allows […]

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The so called “bioceramics”… Easy to place, less easy to remove!

Calcium silicate based cements have many positive features, however they can be difficult to remove if a retreatment is necessary.

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ReTreaty: the unboxing

Let's get a closer look to the ReTreaty kit by Perfect Endo with Francesca Cerutti

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Retreatments and ReTreaty

In this article i am highlighting the way i’ve dealt with this syptomatic upper Premolar with 2 instruments separated.

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Removing Gutta during retreatments: better using solvents from the start?

The use of solvents helps removing the filling material form the canals, however it may as well slow down the retreatment process.
A case report

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Root Canal Retreatment of UL4 using the MG3 system from Perfect: A case report 

Root canal retreatments have always been the elefant in the room. The preoperative X-ray may or may not predict future difficulties, thus the clinician has to stay constantly alert for any unplanned situations that have to be managed. Nonclinical curvatures, separated files, ledges, perforations and much more circumstances can be completely camouflaged inside a common […]

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