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Treatment of an extensive radicular fracture: the pre-endodontic restoration of a structurally compromised tooth. Part 1

Trauma related fractures are one of the most common types of dental injury in the permanent dentition.¬† The purpose of this case report is to present a multidisciplinary management of a sub-gingival crown- root fracture in a patient. Management of traumatic dental injuries (TDI) should involve a multidisciplinary approach to optimize healing while maintaining function […]

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Dental Adhesives: a 10 years story

An article by dr. Salvatore Sauro Overview and basic commentary¬† Before any discussion about adhesion to crown and root dentine, it is imperative to state that there is no substantial scientific research evidence-base that can support a specific bonding approach rather than another. Said that, there are several in vitro studies showing that multi-step bonding […]

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