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Treatment of an invasive external resorption

To treat correctly external resorptions it is essential to know how to correctly diagnose them.

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The endodontic dark hole

Internal resorption is a complex case that requires multiple tools and knowledge to treat it properly. Internal resorption is a condition in vital cases where is the loss of dentin in the canal space, and is caused by multi-nucleated giant cells called dentinoclasts.  This case was referred to me by a dear colleague after opening […]

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Endodontic treatment of an immature necrotic tooth

A 19 years old patient with a traumatized upper central incisor and a non esthetic diastema came to my office. Considering the age of the patient it has been decided to proceed with a conventional apical plug made in MTA and a direct composite restoration. The major problem in performing a RCT in an inimmaure […]

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External resorption

Tooth resorptions can be classified as: (1) trauma induced; (2) infection induced; or (3) hyperplastic invasive. Some transient trauma induced resorptions require no treatment but must be carefully monitored to check that there are no complicating issues such as infection. In cases of trauma induced replacement resorption, a multidisciplinary approach is usually necessary to ensure […]

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Management of a perforating internal inflammatory root resorption in a maxillary central incisor

Internal root resorption is an inflammatory condition that produces the destruction of hard dental tissues. For the resorptive process to take place, two conditions have to occur simultaneously. First of all, predentine layer has to be damaged and expose the mineralized structures of the tooth to the osteoclastic cells and secondly, there is a need […]

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Invasive Cervical Resorption Part 2: Combined Non-surgical and surgical management

For invasive cervical resorption to occur and propagate, there must be a damage in the periodontal ligament and cementum in addition to a contributing factor(s) which is assumed to sustain the osteoclastic activity. Although the etiology of ICR is poorly understood in literature and there might be some etiological factors which have not yet been […]

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Internal inflammatory root resorption: a case report

Internal root resorption is rare in permanent teeth. The altered canal anatomy resultant from the resorptive process poses a challenge for the chemo-mechanical debridement and sealing of the root canal.  The purpose of this article is to report the successful treatment of an upper central incisor with an internal root resorption.

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External cervical resorption and new bioactive materials

Effective management of external cervical resorption (ECR) depends on the accurate assessment of the true nature and accessibility of ECR. The aim of this article is, based on the available evidence, to describe a strategy for the management of ECR with a new bioactive material. In cases where ECR is supracrestal, superficial and with limited circumferential spread, […]

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Management of Internal Root Resorption

Root resorption is the loss of dental hard tissues as a result of clastic activities. There are two types of root resorption in dentistry that we know, one is physiologic and the other is pathologic. Root resorption in the primary dentition is considered a normal physiologic process except when the resorption occurs prematurely. On the […]

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