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Endodontic management of immature central incisor by apexification

Trauma or caries in young children or adolescents can cause pulp necrosis, which may arrest root development in permanent teeth. This in turn results in thin dentinal walls, wide-open apices or sometimes divergent configuration or reverse anatomy, and inadequate crown-root ratio. Treatment of necrosed permanent teeth with immature apices mainly revolves around Apexification and Regenerative […]

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How to evaluate the debris on flutes

The┬áprimary objective of the entire root canal treatment procedure is to eliminate microorganisms and pathogenic debris from the root canal system and to prevent its reinfection: mechanical instrumentation accompanied by irrigation could be considered as the most essential component that aids in reaching this goal. To understand if the instrumentation of the endodontic space has […]

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Apical Gauging: measuring the Control Zone

Apical gauging is a mechanical term which clinically indicates the measuring of the apical diameter prior to obturation of the root canal system. This technique envisages the need to confirm that apical continuity of taper exists and that the tapered preparation, made with the last instrument, extends all the way to the end of the […]

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