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Why did I choose IrriFlex?

Here is a short list of reasons that led me to choose IrriFlex by Produits Dentaires SA for my daily practice

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The importance of activation of irrigation in Endodontics

The lower first right molar diagnosed with acute irreversible pulpitis. In this case we want to show the importance of activation of irrigation in Endodontics. Among the many activation methods here we have used the sonic activation method using sodium hypochlorite 2.5% with  sonic activation. At the end the tooth was restored with an Endocrown […]

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Irrigation in Difficult Anatomical Conditions: Why IrriFlex®?

IrriFlex® has appeared on the market to change our current irrigation protocols. Its main advantages like its flexibility, its ability to reach the apical part of the root canal system adapting to any curvature, its size and its simplicity to use it have made from this needle a revolution in disinfection if compared to traditional […]

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CanalClean 2S: a tailored kit for irrigation

Nowadays, canal irrigation is considered as a key factor for a successful root canal treatment. It has to be considered that the shaping phase has deeply improved, due to the advancements in file technology, and practitioners are using the lowest number or rotary files ever into the root canal. Thus, preparations are quicker and more […]

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Final rinse protocol - The Time Factor

Time is a decisive factor and is probably the most important element that can affect success in Endodontics. An Endodontist is aware of the time he will be starting a RCT, but never knows when the treatment will be finished, nor how much time is required for Glidepath or if the time dedicated to disinfection is […]

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