Fig. 1

Clinical case 

Clinical data

The first lower right molar 

Dg: Acute pulpitis irrevresible

Fig. 2

Initial situation.

Fig. 3

Root canal treatment

cleaning and activation of the irrigant

Fig. 4

Endocrown with CAD/CAM technology

Fig. 5

Endocrown after cementation

Fig. 6

Final X-ray


The long-term success of endodontic treatment is closely linked to adequate cleansing of the endodontic space after root canal shaping, and then proceed to a complete obturation of the complex root canal system

The final goal as well as the long-term prognosis of endodontic treatments depends on how much we have cleaned the endoodntic spaces, therefore irrigation and activation are one of the most important steps in endodontic treatments.


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