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Endo-restorative treatment of discolored upper incisor

Every patient wants a functional, healthy, and esthetically appealing smile.

This article describes a patient with discolored and fractured composite resin restorations with improper endodontic treatment on the anterior teeth in whom substitution was indicated.

This treatment improves the endodontic and restorative aspects.

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Endodontically treated tooth dyschromia: causes and solutions

The discoloration of a dental element can create a strong aesthetic discomfort and can often be the first clinical sign of an ongoing pulp disease. The causes of dyschromias are many and, as always, a correct diagnosis is the cornerstone of solving the problem. The causes that can lead to a chromatic variation of a […]

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Three Years Follow-up of Large Lesion Treated With MTA Apical Plug

The goal of Endodontic treatment is to cure or prevent apical periodontitis (Ørstavik & Pitt Ford 2008). Endodontic treatment does not end when the root canal being filled, but when having favourable outcomes of the treatment upon reviewing (Reit 1986), which can be achieved by the infection control management through the root canal procedure (Basrani […]

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The use of internal bleaching in a non-vital tooth as a conservative approach

The aim of internal bleaching is to recover or improve the natural color of the teeth in a conservative management, avoiding (when possible) to make a crown preparation in dark non-vital teeth needing color improvements. Tooth discoloration varies in etiology, appearance, localization, severity and adhesion to tooth structure. It can be defined as being extrinsic […]

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Nonvital tooth bleaching and composite restorations

The restoration of endodontically treated anterior teeth presents several different mechanical and esthetic challenges. Before choosing the best treatment solution, several aspects have to be considered, such as: Patient age and esthetic demands vs. conservative treatment Functional loads, type of occlusion Remaining tooth structure influencing biomechanical resistance Presence or absence of periodontal and periapical pathology. We have […]

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Non-vital tooth bleaching

In this article the protocol of non-vital bleaching of extensively discolored anterior teeth was described with practical tips for practitioners. The more detailed protocols and more clinical cases can be found in author’s book edited by Quintessence (Warsaw, 2013, Polish language): “Endoprosthodontics: guidelines for clinical practice” Dentist should always consider teeth bleaching at the beginning […]

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