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Bioceramics and adhesion: post space preparation for single cone technique

One of the controversial topics about endodontics and restorative dentistry is the interaction between endodontic sealers and adhesion.  Regarding fiber post cementation, the cleaning of the endodontic space plays a fundamental role in the adhesion. Bioceramic sealers may interfere with adhesive procedure due to their penetration in the dentinal tubule, alcaline  PH and salt precipitation. To increase the […]

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The use of CAD/CAM technology
in the restoration of endodontically treated teeth

Due to the biological and structural changes that the tooth undergoes during endodontic treatments,in principle it is mandatory that the teeth should be covered with a crown. The exceptation of this rule is mentioned in the first part of the article (direct restoration of endodontically treated teeth) In the indirect restorations we have to consider […]

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Endo - Resto Relationship

The predictors of success and failure in endodontically treated teeth depends on several factors: Apical Pathosis, Bacterial status of the canal prior to obturation, Extent and quality of the obturation and Quality of the coronal restoration, Torabinejad 2008(1). These need to be emphasised since majority of endodontically treated teeth have a badly compromised tooth structure […]

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Endo-resto treatment of upper right first premolar.

The coronary seal is just as important as the apical seal. Endodontic treatments will have good prognosis and their long life will be ensured, if we have completed treatment not only of the endodontic system but also of the restorations part. We are witnesses ourselves, but there are also have many studies that proves that […]

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A complex trauma with pulpal exposure: the digital alternative

Traumatic injuries are increasing in the last few years, particularly in young people. When the trauma causes a pulpal exposure, it’s mandatory to avoid pulpal necrosis, particularly in teeth that have an open apex. The pulp capping procedures are quite simple and easy to accomplish but a proper coronal protection by adhesive restoration should be considered […]

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