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Management of Mandibular Incisor Tooth With Calcified Root Canal Anatomy

Calcified root canals are frequently seen nowadays. The management of calcified root canal is a little easier thanks to the current developing technologies. In this regard, these cases can be overcome more quickly and in a controlled manner with dental operating microscope, CBCT and ultrasonic tips.

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MG3 let's shape calcified and moderately curved root canals

The process of root canal treatment involves the meticulous elimination of bacterial remnants within the canal through biomechanical techniques, encompassing thorough cleaning and precise shaping, all aimed at averting any potential reinfection1. The intricate nature of root canal anatomy necessitates the deployment of well-designed tools to effectively navigate and cleanse these intricate passages2. This endeavor […]

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Manualless shaping "IT IS POSSIBLE"!

Root canal shaping is considered a very important steps during endodontic treatment. Research has shown that mechanical instrumentation greatly reduces the number of microorganisms remaining in the root canal system.   With respect to canal anatomy a sequence of files should be planned according to case difficulty in order to avoid errors during root canal […]

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