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Dental Trauma: Forever classic, Never boring

A 23 years old, female patient, was referred to my practice for an endodontic treatment on tooth 11. Patient complained of pain above the root and was concerned of the discoloration. Patient reported  previous trauma (15 years ago) and an attempted endodontic treatment (5 years ago).

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Retratment of an upper first molar made with the Retreaty kit by Perfect Endo

A retreatment can represent an issue for every practitioner. It is always unpredictable due to many unforeseen elements like intracanal obstacles, iatrogenic errors and complicated anatomies. Recently the Retreaty Kit has been launched: it consists in a sequence of files made with the idea of providing the clinician with a predictable sequence to follow since […]

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Zoning Technique in Endodontics

The Zoning Technique is an innovative approach in endodontics that aims to optimize root canal treatment by dividing the root canal system into distinct zones and applying specific instruments and techniques tailored to each zone's unique characteristics. This technique enhances procedural efficiency, increases treatment precision, and improves the overall success rates of endodontic therapy. In this article, […]

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Managing Calcified Canals: Techniques and Strategies for Successful Endodontic Treatment

A 32-year-old man with a symptomatic maxillary right central incisor came to the private clinic. The patient reported that the incisor had been traumatized previously. The medical history was nonsignificant, and extraoral evaluation revealed normal soft-tissue structures with no apparent pathosis. Upon oral examination, no mobility or probing defect was observed. The tooth was sensitive […]

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Essential kit: for majority of the cases

Root canal preparation has been considered the most important step in Endodontic therapy for dentin removal. It is a challenge for even the most experienced Endodontist to achieve optimum cleaning and shaping respecting the original anatomy. The main factor that determines the prognosis of restored pulpless teeth is preservation of sound dentin. Residual dentin thickness […]

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Locating entrance - managing blockage

Narrow canals
Calcified canal
Conservative preparation
C files
Maxillary Central incisor

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Triple trouble

In this article we are going to share management of a pulp stone associated with c-shaped canals in a lower second molar.

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A case report of endodontic retreatment or I can say revision of lower second left premolar with anatomical challenge of deep split root canal at the apical third.

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Management of Multiplanar Curvature

In this article, I will discuss the method of diagnosing and analyzing multiplanar curvature, along with the treatment planning using the novel treatment approach.

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Conquering complex Anatomy with MG3

A complex anatomy is considered a real nightmare to any clinician. Lack of attention to the complex anatomy by the clinician can lead to a series of unfortunate events during treatment, such as; Altered anatomy “ledges”, Perforations or Separated instruments.

Therefore; pretreatment evaluation of the case as well as a sound shaping strategy are essential to address the anatomy & avoid mishaps.

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Management of a tooth with primary periodontal lesion with AF F One

Endo pero lesions of primary periodontal organ can be diffcult to diagnose. A multidisciplinary approach is mandatory to solve the case

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Harmonised Multidisciplinary Endodontic treatment/Re-treatment

Endodontic treatment is considered one of the most complicated dental treatments. Although we have a general idea about the number of major canals and outline of the roots, but we are dealing with a complex three dimensional system which sometimes happen to be torturous, so we may face difficulties. However, root canal re-treatment would add more difficulties, as more surprises may exist from previous treatment. For that reason, we should gather as mush as possible of information before prompting the treatment, including a comprehensive history taking, thorough clinical examination, proper radiographs, and cone beam CT if needed.

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