Fig. 1

A symptomatic upper second molar, with:

  • Apical lesion
  • Incomplete treatment
  • Missed MB2
  • Coronal leakage
  • Poor shaping


  • Clean, shape and 3d fill the full anatomy
  • Solve the symptomatology 
  • One visit session

The first step is always  to refine the access cavity and if the pretreatment has been  already performed, it is suggested to remove part of it if coronal interferences are present.

Ultrasounds are the ideal tool for doing and also for removing interferences at the MB2 orifice level

Fig. 2

The use of Bull(Y) is extremely suggested as first file. It is able to remove gutta-percha in an easily way without any solvent. It can rotate in rotary motion or in reciprocating motion.

Bull-y must work just inside gutta-percha, for this reason it has been used in palatal and mb1 canal

Fig. 3

Considering that patency has been reached immediately after the Bull(Y) use, as second file has been used immediately ShapY 1. The gold alloy is extremely effective and bendable, the reason why it has been used also manually for bypassing a ledge in the palatal canal.

After that it reached manually the apex it has been immediately connected to the end motor for shaping the ledge. Shap(Y) 1 worked well also in distal and MB1

Fig. 4

Shap(Y) 2, gold alloy in a  25/05 shape. A real nice shaper, with an amazing balance between cutting efficacy and bendability

Shap(Y) 2 in action

Fig. 5

Shap(Y) 3 in blue alloy for refining the apex. 30/05 in palatal, MB1 and distal

Shap(Y) 3 in action

Mb2 shaping with Shap(Y) 1. The tip design and the alloy can make this instrument amazing for penetrating also in a virgin canal. MB2 merged with MB1 after 16mm. 

After shaping, Cleaning procedure has been performed.

Fig. 6

the canal was 3d filled with single cone technique and BC sealer.


Retreaty kit is an amazing solution for the endodontist who wants approach the retreatment in a predictable and repeatable way.  Five files designed for disobturating first and shaping after any kind of canal.  In case of bigger diameters, the operator can easily refine the apical region just with MG3 blue.


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