Fig. 1

File sequence for the Re Treaty System, to be noted the shorter desobturator file the Bull-Y and the pantency/scouting Skinn-Y file allowing gentle and still resilient rotary scouting. The shaper can negotiate complex anatomy with maximum dentine preservation without compromising the necessity to remove infected dentine. 

Fig. 2

Pre-operative long cone periapical x-ray revealing a large lesion encompassing the 45 and 46 with coronal fistulous tract.

Fig. 3

Small FOV CBCT taken with XJ800 Morita revealed a missed MB canal in the medial root, in particular the MM canal was filled instead of the actual MB. No lesion was present at the distal root of the 46, which contained a well condensed root canal filling. 

Fig. 4

A mesialised non restricted access cavity was opted for as the distal root was not affected by endodontic pathology

Intraoperative clincial stages of the shaping up to the irrigant activation

Fig. 5

Final obturation with bio ceramic sealer surplus 

Fig. 6

Parallax view of the root canal system in the mesial root of the 46 following the selective re-treatment.


A selective re-treatement approach can be opted in case of missed anatomy isolated to one single root in the absence of pathology on the other one.  A novel re-treatment martensitic NiTi system called Re Treaty, introduced by Perfect allows to efficiently desobturate and remove the pre-existing obturation material and regain apical patency prior to the final shaping and debridement of the canals.


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