Fig. 1

X-ray examination was done and on radiographic examination calicification occurs at coronal and apical of canal of tooth No.11 .

Fig. 2

Access preparation was done with high speed round bur and modified using EX24 bur. No canal orifice was visible upon access opening initially. On exploration the orifice was found more towards the palatal aspect. File. No. 10-Dfinder file was inserted to confirm the opening of canal. File was in canal but not up to working length. File was 6-7mm short of working length due to calcification of canal.

Fig. 3

After file no 10-Dfinder was used, the working length was taken. The rotary file 15.04 was inserted  

Fig. 4

Again the canal was negotiated with D-finder but not up to working length. File was 2-3mm short from the working length  

Fig. 5

After new working length taken, the rotary file 15.04 was inserted again  

Fig. 6

Full working length , D-finder No10 

Fig. 7

Full instrumentation with 20.04 rotary file with the final working length 

Fig. 8

Down packing

Fig. 9

Obturation with final restoration

Fig. 10

About the Author:


Bachelor of dental surgery (BDS) Ivan Horbachevsky Ternopil State Medical University UKRAIN  2011-2016

Awarded the certificate of equivalency for the diploma Faculty of Dentistry \University of Baghdad IRAQ 2019

MSc master in advanced Endodontics University of Siena \ ITALY 2021\2023

Fellow of Style Italiano Endodontics


Managing calcified canals requires a combination of skill, technique and strategy to overcome the challenges presented by these complex anatomical variations. By employing advanced imaging, strategic access opening, effective negotiation techniques, and tailored cleaning and obturation methods, endodontists can enhance the success rate of root canal treatments in cases involving calcified canals. Through a comprehensive and meticulous approach to managing calcified canals, practitioners can achieve optimal outcomes, ensuring the long-term health and preservation of the natural dentition for their patients.


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