Fig. 1

Pre-op X-Ray showed upper second premolar with poorly restored amalgam with distal cavitation with fast break phenomenon.

In this type of configuration there is expection of extra anatomy

Fig. 2

Negotiation of the canals.

There is one palatal and one buccal orifices.

The buccal orifice splits in the middle third into one mesiobuccal canal and one distobuccal canal.

The buccal canals were very tinny and had multiple curves.

Fig. 3

Trying to reach the full working length with D finder files #10, very difficult to negotiate especially in the mesiobuccal canal.

Using the rotary devices is very helpful to get patency, in this case a manual ISO file was adapted in a handpiece that moves it in reciprocation motion.

Fig. 4

Shaping till the full working length 30/04 for all the canals and master apical cone confirmed. 

The shaping protocol :-

- coronal flaring with orifice opener file

  • k- file # 10.
  • Rotary file 10/04
  • Rotary file 15/03
  • Rotary file 17/04
  • Rotary file 25//04
  • Rotary file 30/04

With copious amount of NaOCl 5.25% between each file.

Fig. 5

Post-op X-Ray with final restoration.


Knowledge of basic root canal anatomy and abnormalities from what is standard is essential for nonsurgical root canal treatment to be successful. Endodontic management of complex root canal anatomy can benefit greatly from careful interpretation of radiographs, access refinement, and evaluation of the pulpal floor under magnification.


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