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Smart Endo Kit and Sandwich Technique

It was lovely to use my Smart Endo kit on a difficult Endo case. An External/Internal resorption on upper central incisor was treated using the MTA Sandwich Technique.

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The rationale use of Smart Endo Kit in projecting and doing the access cavity on tooth 4.7

Clinicians are aware that, in endodontics, the access cavity phase is the first mandatory step to achieve the success of the therapy. A correct project, with the right instruments, allows a quicker and easier realization of the access.

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The advantages of the prebent explorer in negotiating calcified orifices

Explora is a new flexible explorer designed by Style Italiano Endodontics that allow us to negotiate hidden canals especially, in the mesial orifices of the molars.

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Deal with it!

Extendo is a really versatile instrument, especially when anatomy is complicated! This video shows a three rooted upper premolar and its 3d obturation using a bc sealer and just tips of GP points.

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Managing a slightly calcified maxillary molar: Step by step with the Smart Endo Kit

Pulp canal obliteration or calcific metamorphosis is a pulpal response to trauma characterized by a rapid deposition of hard tissue within the canal space. It can occur as a result of chronic trauma like attrition or abrasion. In cases where endodontic treatment is needed, canal location and further instrumentation presents a great challenge to the […]

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Endodontic treatment of a severely worn premolar

Sometimes endodontics is the first answer to the needs of our patients, in particular when they come to our practice because they feel pain. Apart from freeing the patient from pain, theĀ aim of endodontic treatment is to shape the root canal system, put in action an efficient disinfection protocols and to hermetically obturate the canal […]

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Management of long and apically curved upper first premolar with T-Pro Rotary System

The maxillary first premolar always represents a challenge when it shows any abnormal anatomy. The variations in anatomy is the fact we have to deal with in our daily root canal practice. This is a case of very long roots of upper first premolar having working length of 27 mm for both Buccal & Palatal […]

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Mid-root split obturation using Smart Endo Kit

Treatment of fine apical split using PREXO M plugger from SMART ENDO KIT By Style Italiano Endodontics & Deppeler.

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Management of a three rooted premolar with Fanta Essential Kit

The maxillary first premolar is the most commonly bi-rooted tooth with occasional presentation of three roots system. This clinical has has been managed with Essential Kit by Fanta Dental, a right balance between flexibility and cutting efficacy!

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Smart decisons for your retreatments w/ MisurEndo, ExtEndo, Multiplo & Prexo M

Apical periodontitis is a local inflammatory response which due to the presence of microorganisms within an infected root canal system1. One of the main goals in endodontics is to be able to prevent this infectious disease or, in cases it already happened with consequences in the periapical tissues, create conditions to a good periapical healing2. […]

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Introducing Smart Endo Kit

SmartEndo Kit is the perfect choice for endodontic treatment  

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Retreatment cases simplified with MisurEndo & Explora

DepplerSmartEndo Kit is a complet set of hand instrument for daily Endodontic treatment.  

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