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The gold and golden standards in root canal treatment.

This article will describe the important factors of the root canal treatment performed with a molar teeth such as single session protocol, performing access cavity and shaping, irrigation and obturation of the root canals.  For many years there has been discussions about the approach to root canal therapies in terms of dissinfection of the root […]

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Root canal debridement and disinfection in minimally invasive shaping

Root canal debridement and disinfection are a crucial phase of every endodontic therapy. Modern Endodontics has shifted towards conservative shapings, reducing the taper of the newest Ni-Ti instruments, but what about irrigation? Would this reduction in the volume of the preparation lead to an insufficient volume of irrigant, with a consequent failure of the therapy? […]

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Avulsion Trauma Case management with Dentoclic Fiber Post Build Up

Traumatic dental injuries occur most frequently in children and young adults. Proper diagnosis, treatment planning and follow up are very important to assure a favorable outcome. The purpose of this clinical article is to highlight the advantage of core build up and bonding with ITENA Clinical's Corono-Radicular Restoration Kit in reinforcing tooth structure in view […]

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Direct class III restoration using Reflectys composite

The reconstruction of an anterior tooth is always a challenge, since the aesthetic requirements of our patients are high and we have to take into account several aspects, such as the shape, the macro and micro anatomy of the tooth, its color, the translucency and we also have to recreate a correct proximal contact. In […]

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Why did I choose IrriFlex?

Here is a short list of reasons that led me to choose IrriFlex by Produits Dentaires SA for my daily practice

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GOLD and BLUE: The Squad For Predictable Shaping

The primary objective of nonsurgical endodontic treatment is the healing of existing, as well as prevention of recurrence of, apical periodontitis. This objective can be fulfilled by disinfection of persistent residual microbes present in the root canal system. Shaping is an important step to fulfill the disinfection allowing delivery of the irrigating solutions as close […]

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MG3, Perfect Endo The BEST Sequence.

Shaping the root canal System is a stressful step in the Endodontic treatment , but with development of protocols , devices & files  it’s no longer a headache to shape a canal , in this article we will go deep through Shaping Technique and the file metallurgy.  

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Primary Root Canal Treatment of LR6 using the MG3 Blue system from Perfect: A case report

Primary root canal treatments are not always straightforward. In cases where the pulp tissue has been exposed to different nocive stimuli for a long period of time, the endodontic space might alter and clinicians face obstacles and difficulties in finding the canal orifices, establishing glide path and shaping the endodontic system for an efficient disinfection. […]

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Shaping with mg3 gold

“Even a dentist who is not confident with his obturation technique can easily obturate a root canal with warm gutta-percha as long as the root canal has been cleaned and shaped lege artis” Shilder 1987 This article will show the advantages of the MG3 Gold instruments and how can we customize the sequence of these […]

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Build up and onlay preparation of an endodontically treated tooth with QuickBond adhesive system and Dentocore core build up composite

Rehabilitating endodontically treated teeth that have partially maintained coronal structure with overlay is nowadays the gold standard. Adhesive dentistry has changed the way we approach these cases: the goal is to maintain the coronal structure that has not been removed during caries removal and during root canal therapy. Adhesives and composites have permitted more conservative […]

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The Golden Era of root canal shaping

Following the access preparation and location of anatomy, the next challenge facing the endodontic clinician is to select the proper alloy and sequence for the shaping procedures in order to be able to safely and predictably shape the anatomy without any procedural errors. This article will show the advantages of the MG3 Gold instruments and […]

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Finding the MB2 canal

In this clinical case I want to emphasize the importance of the instruments and the impact they give us during endodontic treatments, which are often complicated where the help of specific instruments makes the difference. To achieve a successful endodontic treatment, we must meet three conditions : knowledge, experience and the proper instruments.  The chois […]

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