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Conservative retreatment using RE TREATY

In this article we are introducing the RE-TREATY files for the retreatment of Maxillary Molar and we will show how the system combines the function of Cutting Efficiency & Flexibility to facilitate the Retreatment step in a conservative way.

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Re-treatment nightmare

In our daily practice, we face a lot of difficulties in root canal treatment and re-treatment. Some of these difficulties may be due to the case itself, and others may happen during the procedure. Key factors to overcome such situations are identifying these difficulties and knowing how to deal with them.

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How to improve ergonomics in endodontics

Ergonomics in endodontics refers to designing tools, equipment, and workspaces to reduce health risks for operators and patients while improving posture and movement. Ergonomics in endodontics is extremely important to ensure effective and safe execution of the treatment. It refers to the design of tools, equipment and workspaces in order to minimize risks to the […]

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High-Tech files for demanding cases

This article will describe the important factors of the challenging cases of root canal treatment performed with Ni-Ti files.  Introducing heat treatment to the world of endodontics made a huge revolution in the root canals shaping procedures. In most cases the heat treated files became much more flexible and moreover more resistant in many cases. […]

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Magnification in Modern Endodontics

The introduction of the dental operating microscope and its ergonomics date back to mid to late 80s, being introduced by the famous endodontist Dr. Gary Carr. Dr. Carr often quoted, “ YOU CAN NOT TREAT WHAT YOU CAN NOT SEE” reflecting the importance of augmented vision and illumination to impose precision to endodontic treatments. This […]

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Primary Root Canal Treatment of LR7 using the MG3 Blue system from Perfect: A case report 

There are difficult situations clinicians cope with when performing a primary root canal treatment. If the patient has limited mouth opening, moreover a deep margine elevation must be managed to restore a distal and a buccal wall, various challenges have to be managed carefully. Placing the rubber dam clamp and identifying the canals in such […]

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Retreatment of a central incisor with Essential Kit

Aim of endodontic therapy is to maintain or restore the periapical health of teeth through shaping, cleaning and filling tridimensionally the root canal system. Root canal treatment has proven to be a predictable procedure with a high success rate. Nevertheless, failures occur in 14-16% of primary endodontic treatments and retreatments account for approximately 30% of […]

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MG3 Blue , Long Rooted Molar

In this article we are introducing the MG3 Blue Files for the treatment of Long Mandibular Molar and how the system combines the function of Cutting Efficiency & Flexibility to facilitate the shaping  sequence.

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Root canal retreatment of a LR6 using MG3 File System from Perfect: a case report

Root canal retreatments always represent a hot topic. Whether the preoperative X-ray informs on a difficult retreatement or not, choosing the right armamentarium is crucial and can help the clinician in reaching the working length and remove the obturation materials. The disinfection of the endodontic system plays a key role in the treatment outcome, however, […]

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Use of C-Handle in daily practice

Having an optimal view of the operative field is one of the most obvious, but at the same times most important, aspects to keep into consideration while doing an endodontic treatment. The use of rubber dam and magnifications certainly give us an advantage, together with a correct access cavity, but often, when the clinical situation […]

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Shaping with MG3 blue

“Even a dentist who is not confident with his obturation technique can easily obturate a root canal with warm gutta-percha as long as the root canal has been cleaned and shaped lege artis” Shilder 1987 This article will show the advantages of the MG3 blue instruments and how can we customize the sequence of these […]

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Adhesive Direct Restoration in the Posterior Area with Subgingival Cervical Margins

Localized subgingival margins can complicate the use of direct adhesive restorations and subsequently hinder their durability and relation with the periodontal tissues. This article presents a technique involving placement of a modified matrix followed by immediate dentin sealing and coronal elevation of the deep margin to a supra- gingival position using a direct bonded composite […]

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