C-Handle is compatible with Endodontic manual instruments (K files, C files). It is quick and easy to assemble, as shown in the video.

Other interesting features of this product are the long handle design, allowing unobstructed visual access, and the frosted design aiming for non-slippery and comfortable “pen-grasping” sense of touch.
The distal end notch design and high internal conductivity allow C-Handle to be used with Apex Locators, making it an interesting tool also to record the working length in posterior teeth.

The first use of C-Handle one can do is to hold k-files while doing the scouting in molars, above all in patients with limited mouth opening.

In this case the long handle allows seeing all the root canal openings while working with the file for the scouting phase. The conductivity of the handle makes it possible to use it with the apex locator.

The difference in visibility between using C-Handle and delivering the file with hands is evident.

Another case in which C-Handle can be useful is in finding the root canal opening in traumatized or calcified teeth, regardless of their position into the mouth.

In this case an upper central incisor with periodontal problems was treated and a small .06 K-file mounted on C-Handle was used to find the root canal opening and to scout the root canal up to .10. The possibility of having the manual file mounted on a long handle allowed having a superior visibility of the operative field without losing much of the tactile sensation given by the tip of the file entering into the root canal opening.

The tooth was then shaped with the Style Italiano Endodontics selection of AF F One files and filled with the bioceramic sealer and single cone technique.

One last case in which I found extremely useful having C-Handle was the treatment of the lower right second premolar shown of a patient with temporomandibular joint disorder.
The patient had an irreversible pulpitis, she recevied an emergency pulpotomy from a colleague and then she was referred to me to finish the endodontic treatment.

For her it was extremely difficult to maintain a good mouth opening during the treatment, so the possibility of having a long handle made the scouting phase easier.

The tooth was then shaped with AF F One Files and filled with the bioconeless technique.


Having the possibility to use dedicated tools to hold endodontic files can be a good advantage in terms of ergonomic, because it allows having a better vision of what one is doing, reducing the stress during the treatment and preventing musculoskeletal disorders.


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