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Root To Crown With Dentoclic Fiber Post Build Up Chapter 1: Molar Case

Failing primary endodontic treatments are retreated to enhance the cleaning and shaping of the entire root canal space. Reshaping usually tends to eliminate more tooth structure from the canal walls. Furthermore endodontically treated teeth are already susceptible to mechanical failure due to de-roofing of the pulp chamber. For all these reason special care should be […]

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Build up and onlay preparation of an endodontically treated tooth with QuickBond adhesive system and Dentocore core build up composite

Rehabilitating endodontically treated teeth that have partially maintained coronal structure with overlay is nowadays the gold standard. Adhesive dentistry has changed the way we approach these cases: the goal is to maintain the coronal structure that has not been removed during caries removal and during root canal therapy. Adhesives and composites have permitted more conservative […]

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Direct restoration of an endodontically treated tooth with Itena Reflectys composite and Quick bond adhesive system

Adhesive dentistry changed the way we approach the rehabilitation of endodontically treated teeth. Adhesives and composites have permitted more conservative protocols for repairing severely damaged teeth by reducing the invasiveness that was historically involved with the ‘’classic’’ prosthetic approach. In particular, direct restoration are the most conservative approach of the modern dentistry and in some […]

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Itena Glass Fiber Post Restoration Step by Step

Clinicians often face dilemmas regarding the most appropriate way to restore a tooth following root canal treatment. Whilst there is established consensus on the importance of the ferrule effect on the predictable restoration of root filled teeth, other factors, such as residual tooth volume, tooth location, number of proximal contacts, timing of the definitive restoration […]

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Use of Itena Dentoclic Glass Fiber Post in the Restoration of endodontically treated tooth

Endodontically treated teeth (ETT) are more susceptible to biomechanics failures compared to vital teeth, mostly due to the amount of internal tooth structure that is removed during endodontic treatment and the loss of coronal hard tissue.  The prognosis of ETT is based not only on the quality of the endodontic treatment, but also on the […]

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Bioceramics and adhesion: post space preparation for single cone technique

One of the controversial topics about endodontics and restorative dentistry is the interaction between endodontic sealers and adhesion.  Regarding fiber post cementation, the cleaning of the endodontic space plays a fundamental role in the adhesion. Bioceramic sealers may interfere with adhesive procedure due to their penetration in the dentinal tubule, alcaline  PH and salt precipitation. To increase the […]

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Fiber post removal: don't miss the post

Fiber post removal is a first necessary step in order to gain the access to the root canals and retreat them. Many techniques have been suggested, but in this article we will consider the first analytical considerations in order to avoid procedural iatrogenic errors. The removal of fiber posts from endodontically treated teeth can be […]

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Guidelines for the correct selection and optimal luting of fiber posts

Most failures of endodontically treated teeth seem to be due to biomechanical or restorative rather than biological reasons. For a long-term success is very important to minimize the loss of tissue during the shaping and the post space preparation. The preparation of the post space  may reduce the "ferrule effect", that is the key factor […]

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Endo-resto treatment Management of confluent canals

A 27 years old patient came to our clinic with pain on the right upper side. After examination a root canal treatment was needed. On the pre-operative X-ray we understood that we had to deal with a non routine, very interesting and challenging case. But just a simple root canal treatment would not solve the […]

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Metal Post and Core, How to Improve Aesthetics

In the last century, cast metal post represented the method of choice in the philosophy of root canal tooth reconstruction. The procedure usually involved the use of a porcelain fused to metal crown, but in the 1990s full porcelain crowns started to replace the metal base crowns and the problem of how to hide severe tooth discolourations or metal […]

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Bubble Free Access Sealing

Several studies have highlighted how crucial an effective coronal restoration is to the success of the endodontic treatment.

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Restore the Natural: A complex horizontal fragment reattachment

A common trauma of anterior teeth is a coronal fracture. In according with the other article of Fabio Gorni on the same topic, also In this case we report a new conservative approach of a complex double reattachment associated to root canal therapy followed by fixing the fragments with a post. Due to the young patient age, the only […]

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