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Modification in canal preparation for long and narrow canals of lower first molar

Molar teeth exhibit more difficulty in canal preparation, due to more complexities in their root canal system. The situation becomes more complex when the roots are long, and even more difficult if they are narrow and calcified. Many iatrogenic complications may encounter if there was not a good appraisal of the case and a systematic […]

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Cracked tooth syndrome

Cracked tooth syndrome (CTS) is where a tooth has incompletely cracked meaning without a part of the tooth breaking off. Most of the time it is an incomplete fracture of a vital posterior tooth that occasionally extends into the pulp. CTS could be considered a type of dental trauma and also one of the possible […]

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How to manage ledges using rotary files

Ledge creation is one of the most common iatrogenic damages during the shaping. As Clinicians we do prevent ledge creation using a “sweet” approach to the Endodontic anatomy during the shaping, but we also know how to manage the ledge when it is present, as there is a strong and scientific recognized relationship between presence […]

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Shaping&Cleaning of the endodontic space: the Style Italiano Endodontic Philosophy and techniques

Endodontic diagnosis, therapies and follow-up procedures can be the most complex of dental treatments; among these, shaping the root canals has always been considered as the basic and most important procedure. Various instruments and techniques have been developed in the history of endodontics, to deal with the almost infinite anatomical variations of root canals; this […]

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