Fig. 1

Clinical View and Preoperative Xray

Fig. 2

Preoperative Xray and After Disassembling Xray

Fig. 3

Formation of the ledge in front of a sharp curve and how to pass it folding a k File

Fig. 4

K file progression

Fig. 5

Working length and Build Up

Fig. 6

Overlay Bonding

Fig. 7

Final Result

Fig. 8

Dr. Andrea Pittaluga, graduated in 2015 from the Alfonso X El Sabio University in Villanueva de la

Canada (Madrid) with the thesis "Anatomical and surgical revision of the sinus lift".

In 2016 he began working in dental practices in Milan and its province and attended postgraduate

courses with the best Italian professionals and speakers. Among these, the names of Dr. Federico

Ferraris, Dr. Stefano Gracis, Dr. Prof. Fabio Gorni and Dr. Prof. Tiziano Testori stand out.

From 2017 to 2018 he attended the Oral Surgery department of San Raffaele directed by Prof.

Raffaele Vinci (rector Dr. Prof. E. Gherlone).

Starting from 2019, he carries out tutoring activities in the post-graduate courses of Dr. Prof. Fabio

Gorni in orthograde, microscopic and surgical clinical endodontics. In the same period he was the

director of the dentistry department of the Auxological Institute of Milan.

Speaker in Italy and abroad, "Lecturer" at the Lake Como Institute, Fellow Member of Styleitaliano

Endodontic, Co-Author of the book "Tooth or Implant? The recovery or replacement of heavily

compromised natural teeth” by Edra (2023).

He currently dedicates himself exclusively to private practice, working as a specialist in

microscopic endodontics in the private practice of Dr. M. Imelio, as a specialist in conservative

dentistry, endodontics and prosthetics in the practice of Dr. Prof. Tiziano Testori and in his private

practice located in Sesto San Giovanni.


Ledges represent a very common obstacle in retreatment and are often difficult to manage: a reasoned approach and knowledge of the canal anatomy represent the key to success in this type of cases


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