Practical tips in ledge management
Fig. 1

With a winding motion, push the steel handfile iso 10 (pre-bended in a fishing hook style) little towards the apical zone.

Practical tips in ledge management
Fig. 2

This will allow us to pass a ledge. Then prepare a ledge with following  hand files till size 20, also pre-curved in that particular way.

Practical tips in ledge management
Fig. 3

The outer curvature of a file will cut and flatten a ledge and provide a proper glide path for a rotary instrumentation.

Practical tips in ledge management
Fig. 4

Passing that step one can proceed with a mechanical instrumentation. Still, never push a rotary file in this situation as it should advance in a canal by itself. If ok you can finish, your preparation with a rotary, if not finish with hand files.

Practical tips in ledge management
Fig. 5


There are a lot of techniques to pass a ledge in a canal. The main thing is to find a solution which is teachable, feasible and repeatable.


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