Root canal disinfection during retreatments: a cordless revolution
Fig. 1

A preliminary research has been conducted using Micro–computed tomographic (micro-CT) imaging that is a nondestructive research tool that enables the 3-dimensional identification of the root canal system. Those two teeth were treated with a conventional tecnique,obturated with sealer and warm guttaperca and retreated giving the same shape that has been reached during first treatment.

Root canal disinfection during retreatments: a cordless revolution
Fig. 2

Many remnants can be observed in the second 3d reconstraction,but after only 20 second of PUI activation many debris of GP and sealer were removed from the walls and many remnants remained in a liquid suspension in the apical part.( Fig 2). The blue color represents the difference between treated and non treted tooth with PUI.


The success of endodontic retreatment depends first of all from the complete removal
of the obturation material and from a deep disinfection of root canal system. C- PUI and C-CUI irrigation methods, if used as a final irrigation technique, decreased the amount of residual filling materials during endodontic retreatment procedures.


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