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A story of a dilacerated premolar

Premolars are the most versatile teeth in regards of anatomy. One of the most challenging anatomical variations we have to face is dilaceration. Abrupt curvatures complicate the RCT especially when we have more than one. 

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Post-Endo conservative fiber post build up

Core build up using adhesive materials has become very popular due to many advantages of this technique. Better aesthetics in the front region and better mechanical force distribution compared to metal posts are some of the advantages. Another enhancement would be the conservative preparation or even no post preparation for root canal treated teeth, where […]

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Direct composite veneers

A 60 years old male came to our office due to abrasion and erosion he had on the front teeth. The involved teeth were vital and without any symtomps. The intra-oral examination showed an important abrasion of the vestibular face of the two central incisors, while radiographic examination showed no problems on the pulp and the […]

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Root To Crown With Dentoclic Fiber Post Build Up Chapter 2: Premolar Case

Failing primary endodontic treatment on the Upper Right second premolar with large lesion. Root canal retreatment was conducted with intracanal medication with calcium hydroxide for 1 week after the cleaning and shaping.  

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Adhesive Direct Restoration in the Posterior Area with Subgingival Cervical Margins

Localized subgingival margins can complicate the use of direct adhesive restorations and subsequently hinder their durability and relation with the periodontal tissues. This article presents a technique involving placement of a modified matrix followed by immediate dentin sealing and coronal elevation of the deep margin to a supra- gingival position using a direct bonded composite […]

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Upper molar, how to prepare the post space: from A to Z

Post space preparation is a critical step to achieve  clean dentinal surfaces for adhesion of the cementing material. Therefore, complete removal of the root filing materials is essential to enhance the adhesive bond to the dentine and increase post retention.  Furthermore, the presence of residual gutta-percha  and deficient dentine hybridisation may result in poor sealing of […]

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Avulsion Trauma Case management with Dentoclic Fiber Post Build Up

Traumatic dental injuries occur most frequently in children and young adults. Proper diagnosis, treatment planning and follow up are very important to assure a favorable outcome. The purpose of this clinical article is to highlight the advantage of core build up and bonding with ITENA Clinical's Corono-Radicular Restoration Kit in reinforcing tooth structure in view […]

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Direct class III restoration using Reflectys composite

The reconstruction of an anterior tooth is always a challenge, since the aesthetic requirements of our patients are high and we have to take into account several aspects, such as the shape, the macro and micro anatomy of the tooth, its color, the translucency and we also have to recreate a correct proximal contact. In […]

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The Choice of the proper composite and layering technique for the reconstruction of an endodontically treated tooth

Modern dentistry requires to pay great attention to the color analysis of an anterior tooth when a direct composite restoration is planned. Even small details, such as a particular characterization of the incisal margin, can make the difference in the success of our treatment. On the other hand, if want to recreate natural looking posterior reconstructions, there […]

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Lower canine with 2 roots and a small Medial canal on the floor chamber

Before starting any Endodontic Root Canal treatment, it is necessary to know the anatomy and morphology of the tooth as best as possible. The anatomy of root canal morphology plays a decisive role in determining the conditions under which Endodontic treatment can be performed effectively.

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Endo Resto With Dentoclic Fiber Post Build Up

In the following clinical case, a maxillary first premolar was presented with invading decay reaching the pulp chamber. The tooth was diagnosed with irreversible pulpitis needing root canal treatment. The pre-operative X-ray revealed a 3 rooted premolar, a special configuration that can be found in 5% of the cases as cited by Vertucci. Knowing that […]

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Treatment of an extensive radicular fracture: RCT and restoration of a structurally compromised tooth. Part. 2

Trauma related fractures are one of the most common types of dental injury in the permanent dentition.  The purpose of this case report is to present a multidisciplinary management of a sub-gingival crown- root fracture in a patient. Management of traumatic dental injuries (TDI) should involve a multidisciplinary approach with the aim of optimizing the […]

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