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Managing Calcified Canals: Techniques and Strategies for Successful Endodontic Treatment

A 32-year-old man with a symptomatic maxillary right central incisor came to the private clinic. The patient reported that the incisor had been traumatized previously. The medical history was nonsignificant, and extraoral evaluation revealed normal soft-tissue structures with no apparent pathosis. Upon oral examination, no mobility or probing defect was observed. The tooth was sensitive […]

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Locating entrance - managing blockage

Narrow canals
Calcified canal
Conservative preparation
C files
Maxillary Central incisor

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Use of C-Handle in daily practice

Having an optimal view of the operative field is one of the most obvious, but at the same times most important, aspects to keep into consideration while doing an endodontic treatment. The use of rubber dam and magnifications certainly give us an advantage, together with a correct access cavity, but often, when the clinical situation […]

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Finding the MB2 canal

In this clinical case I want to emphasize the importance of the instruments and the impact they give us during endodontic treatments, which are often complicated where the help of specific instruments makes the difference. To achieve a successful endodontic treatment, we must meet three conditions : knowledge, experience and the proper instruments.  The chois […]

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Ledge detection and bypass with Explora after broken file removal

The success of Endodontic retreatment is multifactorial and will depend on the degree of root canal morphology alteration. Irreversible iatrogenic errors such as large perforations or canal transportation will decrease drastically the good prognosis of the treatment.  In cases where it is possible to regain the original anatomy and shape, clean and fill the entire […]

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Essential kit: how to use it in practice

“Simplexity” is a possible relation between complexity and simplicity. The ultimate sophistication in Endodontics using a Simplified Multiple File Technique

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Treatment of a C shaped canal of a mandibular second molar

Mandibular second molars are known to have a complex root canal anatomy with anastomosis, resulting in some difficulties during root canal treatment, especially for the complete debridement of organic tissues and bacteria during the shaping and cleaning process and the possibility of insuring a good 3-dimensional seal during obturation. The prevalence of such anatomy is […]

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A synopsis about the first phases of canal shaping

After the last articles, by Fabio Gorni, Massimo Giovarruscio and Enrico Cassai, it is important to make a point of preflaring, scouting and glide-path preparation, the first phases of canal instrumentation. We have proposed a new classification of endodontic instruments based upon their clinical use, depending on the distinct phases of the endodontic treatment, namely: […]

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Glide Path Management: tips and tricks

“…I’ve often said on stage that I have two things to teach for the rest of my life and one is Endodontic Access Cavity Preparation and the other is Glide Path Management…” (Cliff Ruddle) Has been described on previous articles that canal preparation consists of three distinct stages: initial canal negotiation (Scouting and Preflaring), creation […]

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The working length

After having realized a minimally invasive access cavity and removed the coronal interferences (preflaring) the next step is passed to the scouting of the apical third canal as described in the two preceding articles of Dr Massimo Giovarruscio ( The advantages of the apical third scouting only after a preflaring in summary are: - Best […]

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Scouting The Root Canal

As discussed on the previous article, the manual preflaring creates a glide path for safer use of hand files and NiTi rotary instrumentation. Canal scouting is the first phase of canal instrumentation, during which procedural difficulties or errors might more frequently occur.

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