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Endodontic management of a Traumatic Maxillary Central Incisor with wide open apex and evident resorption

Pulp necrosis(mostly due to trauma) in teeth with incomplete roots can arrest root development resulting in open apices. he main challenge in performing root-canal treatment in teeth with necrotic pulps and wide-open apices is to obtain an optimal apical seal. The wide foramen requires a large volume of filling material that may extrude from the […]

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Immature tooth with apical periodontitis and sinus tract undergoes apexogenesis. A case report.

It is believed that Apical Periodontitis develop in teeth where the pulp is necrotic. However, some studies show that remnants of vital pulp tissues might still be in the canal even in teeth with signs of pulp necrosis. In open apex cases, those remnants of vital pulp tissues can be important in achieving desired outcomes like […]

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Prexo as new plugger for the ideal MTA apical plug

MTA apical plug still represents a gold standard procedure for permanent sealing of the apexes of different sizes. The precise and controlled placement of this material is always intended and Prexo M plugger showed the best flexibility and tip design for a controlled adaptation of MTA in the apical zone regardless of apical size diameter. […]

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MTA apexification procedure of an immature mandibular premolar with a necrotic pulp using Deppeler’s Smart Endo Kit

Dens evaginatus (DE) is an unfrequent anomaly of the occlusal central groove or lingual ridge of the buccal cusp of posterior teeth described as an abnormal tubercle. Although its occurrence is rare, this entity is more prevalent in asian patients. Due to the anatomy of the tubercle (which contains pulp tissue), occlusal interferences can cause […]

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Wide and Wild: how to manage in a predictable way an open beveled apex

This article shows the managment of a difficult retreatment. An irregular anatomy can put the clinician in front of different procedural difficulties and an improper retreatment could compromise definitively the prognosis of the tooth. For this reason it has been decided to do some practice on the 3d printed version of the same tooth, thanks […]

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Management of the apical inflammatory root resorption

Apical inflammatory root resorption (AIRR) is one of the challenges that can happen during root canal treatment. Mostly it is associated with apical periodontis, but can occur after traumas, orthodontic treatment, autotransplantation or can be associated with idiopatic factors. One of the most common factors that is present in teeth with AIRR is intracanal infection. […]

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Endodontic treatment of an immature necrotic tooth

A 19 years old patient with a traumatized upper central incisor and a non esthetic diastema came to my office. Considering the age of the patient it has been decided to proceed with a conventional apical plug made in MTA and a direct composite restoration. The major problem in performing a RCT in an inimmaure […]

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Non-surgical endodontic retreatment of a maxillary central incisor with open apex using MTA Apical Plug Technique

The major goals of root canal treatment are to clean and shape the root canal system and seal it in 3 dimensions to prevent reinfection of the tooth. Although initial root canal therapy has been shown to be a predictable procedure with a high degree of success , failures can occur after treatment. Lack of […]

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Huge Perforation!

Retreatment is one of the biggest challenges for the clinician due to the unexpected surprises, prognosis and diagnosis which may be tricky in many situations. In this case, this female patient was complaining about pain during biting, related to a previously treated tooth.

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Management of internal root resorption in a maxillary central incisor

Root resorption is a particular physiologic or a pathologic pulpal disease associated with loss of dentin, cementum, and/or bone. This resorption may occur following different types of injuries, including chemical, mechanical or thermal injury. Furthermore, it can be cla classified as internal or external root resorption. Internal root resorption (IRR), is a rare condition that […]

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Regenerative endodontics: A Reliable Option

Various regenerative endodontic treatment (RET) protocols have been suggested with differences mainly in the disinfection technique used, intracanal medicaments, scaffold systems, and coronal filling materials. In order to reduce such variability, the American Association of Endodontists (2013) and European Society of Endodontology (2016) developed evidence based recommended protocols. These guidelines helped reduce some of the […]

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Retreatment Series: Episode 2

Root canal retreatment seems to be one of the biggest challenges in the Endodontic therapy, in the retreatment episodes we will review different scenarios with different cases. In Endodontics we are dealing  with a lot of challenges such as anatomy, mishaps, instrument separation, etc. but one of the biggest challenges is to deal safely with […]

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