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MTA apical plug

MTA has several desirable properties that makes it an excellent choice for apical plug formation .  Firstly , biocompatibility to the surrounding tissues . This is crucial for achieving successful healing .  Secondly , MTA has sealing capability when properly placed and condensed , it creates a tight seal , prevent the ingress of bacteria […]

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Making apical plugs easier using a simple collagen sponge

Proper seal of the root canal system is a key factor for long term success of the endodontic treatment. In the majority of cases, the root anatomy and the apical constriction offer a reliable way to control the correct apical obturation, allowing the compaction of the obturation material and tridimensional seal. However, incomplete root formation, […]

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Management of deep root perforations

Root perforation is a challenging situation when the root canal has a pathological communication with periradicular area. Perforations can occur as an iatrogenic accident during a root canal instrumentation and is the second cause of failed endodontic treatment. In some cases complications may lead even to an extraction. Thus, successful treatment of a root perforation […]

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Management of Immature Permanent Incisors with wide open apex

A major problem associated with treating traumatized teeth with necrotic pulps and open apices, is achieving an acceptable seal in the apical area. Apexification has traditionally formed an integral part of the treatment of teeth with necrotic pulps with open apices. Apexification is defined as “a method to induce a calcific barrier across an open apex of an immature, pulplesstooth”. […]

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Root perforations: from breakdown to breakthrough

In retreatments, one of real endodontic challenges comes when disassembly is complete and what remains is a root canal system that has been perforated.  What is the critical thinking required to solve such impediment to success? In this article, I am describing the management of a root perforation using absorbable collagen membrane as an internal […]

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Retrieve and repair

As Endodontists our daily work is an adrenaline fuel because we face new challenges on a daily basis and each case requires a strategy to fix it. Strategy before any retreatment consists of reading very carefully the preoperative X-Ray, in order to explain to the patient what is the problem, prognosis ,number of visits, possibility […]

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Root canal treatment of an immature permanent mandibular first molar

The root canal treatment of immature permanent teeth poses many challenges, one of which is the obturation technique. These teeth come with wide apices and sometimes even a divergent configuration (or reverse anatomy) in the apical third.  The difficulty in such cases is to avoid overextending the filling material into the periapical tissues. (1,2)  In […]

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Multiple errors retreatment

In this article i am presenting a case with multiple errors came symptomatic while biting. Lack of knowledge in the endodontic field  may lead to some errors during the treatment if we are not having the right techniques combined with the right tools.

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The plan was to get better.
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Endodontic management of a Traumatic Maxillary Central Incisor with wide open apex and evident resorption

Pulp necrosis(mostly due to trauma) in teeth with incomplete roots can arrest root development resulting in open apices. he main challenge in performing root-canal treatment in teeth with necrotic pulps and wide-open apices is to obtain an optimal apical seal. The wide foramen requires a large volume of filling material that may extrude from the […]

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Immature tooth with apical periodontitis and sinus tract undergoes apexogenesis. A case report.

It is believed that Apical Periodontitis develop in teeth where the pulp is necrotic. However, some studies show that remnants of vital pulp tissues might still be in the canal even in teeth with signs of pulp necrosis. In open apex cases, those remnants of vital pulp tissues can be important in achieving desired outcomes like […]

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Prexo as new plugger for the ideal MTA apical plug

MTA apical plug still represents a gold standard procedure for permanent sealing of the apexes of different sizes. The precise and controlled placement of this material is always intended and Prexo M plugger showed the best flexibility and tip design for a controlled adaptation of MTA in the apical zone regardless of apical size diameter. […]

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