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Management of the complex anatomy of a lower first premolar

An accurate diagnosis of the morphology of the root canal system is crucial in order to obtain a successful root canal treatment.  The prevalence  of three canals with three separate foramina in mandibular premolars is very rare like in the case that will be shown in this report: one canal leaves the pulp chamber, and […]

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The Multidisciplinary approach

During our daily treatments we often face different situations where many disciplines of dentistry intertwine with each other, in some treatments we have the need for secondary treatments. In this case what I am presenting to you as primary treatment is the endodontic treatment, while surgical and restorative treatments as secondary treatments. The patient comes […]

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An inferior molar managed in two visits
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Vertical Apical Root Fracture

Vertical fractures can occur and their diagnosis is not always predictable. Will be presented here the treatment of a 2.6 with a vertical apical fracture in the mesial root.   Vertical root fractures have been described as longitudinally oriented fractures of the root, extending from the canal to the periodontium. It usually happens in endodontically […]

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The advantages of pre-operative radiograph in the diagnosis and in formulating the proper treatment plan

Correct diagnosis is the key to all predictable endodontic treatment. Root canal treatment depends largely on IOPA (Intra-oral periapical) radiographs to assess the anatomy of the tooth and periapical structures (Forsberg 1987a, b, Cotton et al. 2009, Patel at al. 2009).     A 23 years old male presented complaining of moderate dull pain in […]

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CBCT: The dark side of the moon

Why guessing what we could see? In comparison with the 2D imaging, 3D technology allows a safer and faster diagnostic process. Analysing the articles related to CBCT technology published in the Literature from 1998 to nowadays, only the 16,3% of papers deals with implantology. More than the 25% of the studies written from 1998 and […]

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