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Removal of an Anatomic Post and Core A Case Report

Different types pf posts can be placed during restorative procedures; prefabricated ones such as the screw posts, the paraposts or more recently the ceramic post and fiber posts, or the anatomical post commonly called cast post and core. In cases of non surgical retreatment The removal of a post can be challenging depending on the […]

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Practical Minimal Invasive Endodontics

"Minimally Invasive Endodontics" concept should be case dependent to achieve better outcome. We aim to preserve tooth structure but at the same time we should be able to do that in a repeatable and teachable manner. Minimally Invasive Endodontics (MIE) concept is becoming popular in the last years, where all of the dentists’ concern is […]

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Invasive Cervical Resorption Part1: Conservative Non-surgical management

Invasive cervical resorption is characterized circumferential spread with/without coronal-apical spread in dentin where the involvement of the pulp may be delayed being present in advanced cases due to the presence of peri-canal resorption resistant sheet (PRRS) composed primarily of pre-dentin and odontoblasts Invasive Cervical Resorptive lesions have different radiographic presentations, ranging from a small radiolucency […]

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Revascularization of Immature Permanent Teeth With Apical Periodontitis

As the Tissue engineering is a growing field ,it will probably be possible to generate a complete vital tooth from a single stem cell . Stem cells are in fact to totipotent cells , which have the capacity to proliferate and to produce cells, which are capable of differentiating into specialized cells. There are two […]

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Vertical Apical Root Fracture

Vertical fractures can occur and their diagnosis is not always predictable. Will be presented here the treatment of a 2.6 with a vertical apical fracture in the mesial root.   Vertical root fractures have been described as longitudinally oriented fractures of the root, extending from the canal to the periodontium. It usually happens in endodontically […]

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Endo-resto treatment Management of confluent canals

A 27 years old patient came to our clinic with pain on the right upper side. After examination a root canal treatment was needed. On the pre-operative X-ray we understood that we had to deal with a non routine, very interesting and challenging case. But just a simple root canal treatment would not solve the […]

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Third molars: extraction or endodontics?

Third molars, or, more popularly, wisdom teeth usually erupt in most patients after the age of 17. Abnormal eruption patterns make them more susceptible to dental decay, as well as gingival and periodontal diseases. If there is insufficient anatomic space to accommodate normal eruption, extraction of third molars is the preferred option, to prevent acute […]

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The Style Italiano Endodontics Philosophy in Practice

The philosophy of StyleItaliano Endodontics has extensively been treated in a lot of articles previously published on this web site, by Pierre Machtou, Massimo Giovarruscio, Fabio Gorni and others. Feasible, Teachable and Repeatable techniques can make a successful endodontic practice more easy. In this article, with the help of some clinical cases, the essential steps […]

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