Fig. 1

Examination:  On examination, the tooth was found to be responsive to cold tests and tender to pressure. The tooth 3.6 had hidden cracks, no deep periodontal pockets, no excessive mobility, and no fluctuating buccal swelling.

Fig. 2

Pre-operative X-ray

The periapical radiograph shows no radiolucency around the mesial root, distal root as well as into the furcation .

The diagnosis of 36 chronic pulpitis,and cracked tooth syndrome (CTS).

Fig. 3

The patient was informed regarding the guarded overall prognosis of this tooth. Attempts were made to remove the hidden cracks. RCT would be performed if the cryptocrack did not reach the pulp chamber. The tooth would be extracted if the crack reached the bottom of the pulp chamber.

The hidden cracks and caries was removed through adequate local anesthesia and the placement of a rubber dam. Significant staining could be observed in the cracks. It was found that the staining had reached the pulp chamber but not the pulp floor.

The treatment strategy was to remove all tissues from the pulp chamber by  3% NACLO and an activation devices in order to dissolve them all.

The root canal was prepared by employing the “one stroke, one wipe” method.

In this case, it is imperative to try to retain enough PCD(Peri-cervical Dentin)  to ensure tooth resistance

Scout and prepare the “MM”.

Fig. 4

Cone fit x-ray

Fig. 5

Post operative X-ray

Fig. 6

Overlay preparation

Fig. 7

The final X-ray shows that the overlay was very tightly bonded to the tooth, with no excess binder remaining.

Fig. 8

About the author: Jialu Shi - 施嘉禄
Graduated from Changsha medical University in 2018

Fellow of Style Italiano Endodontics


Teeth diagnosed with cracked tooth syndrome have a guarded prognosis, whereas with proper management,

the success rate after 5 years is relatively high. However, if both marginal ridges are cracked,

the prognosis for teeth diagnosed with cracked tooth syndrome is poor. In the above-mentioned cases, the dentist should inform the patient of the need for a crown/ overlay restoration after endodontic treatment.


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