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Finding the MB2 canal

In this clinical case I want to emphasize the importance of the instruments and the impact they give us during endodontic treatments, which are often complicated where the help of specific instruments makes the difference. To achieve a successful endodontic treatment, we must meet three conditions : knowledge, experience and the proper instruments.  The chois […]

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The advantage to use Extendo in removing Thermafil Plastic Carrier on retreatment case

In this article I am going to describe and show how we can use Extendo in daily practice.  It is an instrument of SMART ENDO KIT, from DEPPELER.  The kit has 5 instruments and an endo ruler.

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Removal of obturation material from the root canals: the correct use of ExtEndo

In retreatments the clinician should follow the same different steps: careful radiographic diagnosis and, if required, cbct reconfiguration of the cavity access, to realise the appropriate features and start the endodontic therapy in the proper way removal of accessory retention posts (if present) removal of the obturation material  try to reach the proper working lenght […]

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Prexo as new plugger for the ideal MTA apical plug

MTA apical plug still represents a gold standard procedure for permanent sealing of the apexes of different sizes. The precise and controlled placement of this material is always intended and Prexo M plugger showed the best flexibility and tip design for a controlled adaptation of MTA in the apical zone regardless of apical size diameter. […]

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The alternative use of ExtEndo in non surgical retreatment

In retreatments the phase of the disassembling can be difficult and time consuming. When gutta percha is too soft, for example, removing it by means of ultrasonics devices or rotary systems becomes more difficult, that’s why I stopped using solvents many years ago. In general, my approach in non surgical retreatment is to try to […]

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SMART ENDO KIT, Full endo solution

In this article we are getting in depth with SMART ENDO KIT from DEPPELER with each instrument Individually. During Endodontic Treatments we are always looking for smart choices , Sharp tools so here we are treating this Lower First Molar using the SMART ENDO KIT. The kit is composed mainly of 5 instruments with 6 […]

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MTA apexification procedure of an immature mandibular premolar with a necrotic pulp using Deppeler’s Smart Endo Kit

Dens evaginatus (DE) is an unfrequent anomaly of the occlusal central groove or lingual ridge of the buccal cusp of posterior teeth described as an abnormal tubercle. Although its occurrence is rare, this entity is more prevalent in asian patients. Due to the anatomy of the tubercle (which contains pulp tissue), occlusal interferences can cause […]

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Multiplo, an authentic 3-in-1 Instrument

Mirror and Multiplo can be attached and work as a combined tool. An authentic 3 in 1 with a Relax Mirror + Endodontic Ruler + Sealer Mixer. All on the handle of your mirror.

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Misurendo: Measure Your Endo Access

Endodontic treatment major goal is to treat and prevent apical periodontitis. And this goal can be achieved through shaping and cleaning of the root canal systems to eliminate microorganisms. But beforehand, an entrance has to be prepared to gain access to the root canals. This access cavity undeniably is the first step of every endodontic […]

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Ledge detection and bypass with Explora after broken file removal

The success of Endodontic retreatment is multifactorial and will depend on the degree of root canal morphology alteration. Irreversible iatrogenic errors such as large perforations or canal transportation will decrease drastically the good prognosis of the treatment.  In cases where it is possible to regain the original anatomy and shape, clean and fill the entire […]

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Partial Necrosis of a Root Canal System

A white male patient was referred for a root canal treatment on seemingly necrotic first right lower molar tooth #46. Patient was exhibiting episodes of pain from time to time that started few days ago. Intra Oral examination showed a sinus tract on the buccal aspect of the gum facing first molar #46.No probing was […]

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Management of the apical inflammatory root resorption

Apical inflammatory root resorption (AIRR) is one of the challenges that can happen during root canal treatment. Mostly it is associated with apical periodontis, but can occur after traumas, orthodontic treatment, autotransplantation or can be associated with idiopatic factors. One of the most common factors that is present in teeth with AIRR is intracanal infection. […]

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