👉 Mirror : As this is a Dental Medicine mirror with a frontal surface, the light that falls on its surface is reflected in its entirety, with no losses in the process of reflection and refraction of light. Thus, this type of instrument is suitable for use in conjunction with high intensity light sources, as well as magnifying instruments such as magnifying glasses or a microscope.

Important points:

• Comfortably light weight and comfortable to hold;

• Ergonomic grip with grip location for fingers;

• Autoclavable equipment;

• Resistant against acids as well as against plaque-indicators and suitable for thermal disinfectors.

• Comfortable for patient use due to its soft coating;

• Hygienic, with no gaps between the transition from mirror to cable.

👉 Multiplo: Ruler – A double ruler for measuring rotary and manual files and for adjusting the length of the gutta-percha cones and paper points. At one end there is a dedicated area for collecting pre-mixed cements. Two slits, left and right, are useful for guiding the guttapercha cone as it collects the cement.


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