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Multiplo, an authentic 3-in-1 Instrument

Mirror and Multiplo can be attached and work as a combined tool. An authentic 3 in 1 with a Relax Mirror + Endodontic Ruler + Sealer Mixer. All on the handle of your mirror.

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Partial Necrosis of a Root Canal System

A white male patient was referred for a root canal treatment on seemingly necrotic first right lower molar tooth #46. Patient was exhibiting episodes of pain from time to time that started few days ago. Intra Oral examination showed a sinus tract on the buccal aspect of the gum facing first molar #46.No probing was […]

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Managing a slightly calcified maxillary molar: Step by step with the Smart Endo Kit

Pulp canal obliteration or calcific metamorphosis is a pulpal response to trauma characterized by a rapid deposition of hard tissue within the canal space. It can occur as a result of chronic trauma like attrition or abrasion. In cases where endodontic treatment is needed, canal location and further instrumentation presents a great challenge to the […]

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Introducing Smart Endo Kit

SmartEndo Kit is the perfect choice for endodontic treatment  

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