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Treatment of obliterated root canals using Guided Endodontic technique. A case report

This article reports on an Endodontic treatment of obliterated teeth using a static guided endodontic (GE) technique. The aim is to demonstrate the benefits and limits of static guided endodontics. The process of canal obliteration (CO) is characterized by the apposition of secondary or tertiary dentin, resulting in loss of volume in the pulpal space.  […]

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Smart ledge crossing with FANTA files

During preparation ledges are inadvertently created and make further instrumentation more difficult as file tips snag in the ledge rather than progressing smoothly to the working length. Stiff instruments or drills will tend to straighten in the curved root canal. Ledges are most likely on the outer curvature either at the primary curvature or apically. […]

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External root resorption: is intentional replantation a real option? A case report

External cervical resorption (ECR) is initiated on the external aspect of the root, usually apical to the epithelial attachment. It is often aggressive in nature, resulting in significant loss of tooth structure.  The purpose of this case report is to present a multidisciplinary management of ECR in a patient. The challenge is to identify the […]

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Apicoectomy of an implant?

When the endodontic lesion involves the apex of an implant in addition to the one of the tooth, a retrograde peri-impantitis can be established. Retrograde peri-implantitis (RPI) is a primary microbial inflammatory condition that affects only the apical portion of an osseointegrated implant, which retains normal bone-to-implant contact in its coronal portion. Currently, no uniformly […]

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Direct class III restoration using Reflectys composite

The reconstruction of an anterior tooth is always a challenge, since the aesthetic requirements of our patients are high and we have to take into account several aspects, such as the shape, the macro and micro anatomy of the tooth, its color, the translucency and we also have to recreate a correct proximal contact. In […]

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Thermafil carrier retrieval using a lasso technique

Endodontic treatment failure may occur due to numerous reasons, such as missed canal anatomy and insufficient disinfection, resulting in periapical infection. The use of cone beam computed tomography is invaluable in the diagnosis of periapical pathosis and neglected canals during initial endodontic treatment.  Thermafil is an obturation material that comprises of alpha phase Gutta Percha […]

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Direct restoration of an endodontically treated tooth with Itena Reflectys composite and Quick bond adhesive system

Adhesive dentistry changed the way we approach the rehabilitation of endodontically treated teeth. Adhesives and composites have permitted more conservative protocols for repairing severely damaged teeth by reducing the invasiveness that was historically involved with the ‘’classic’’ prosthetic approach. In particular, direct restoration are the most conservative approach of the modern dentistry and in some […]

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Finding the MB2 canal

In this clinical case I want to emphasize the importance of the instruments and the impact they give us during endodontic treatments, which are often complicated where the help of specific instruments makes the difference. To achieve a successful endodontic treatment, we must meet three conditions : knowledge, experience and the proper instruments.  The chois […]

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Bioceramic sealers application: the ultimate guide

Warm and cold Gutta percha in combination with various types of root canal sealers have been considered the dominant techniques since the mid nineteenth century. With the advent of Bioceramic premixed sealers, maybe a new era started, but first of all a new trend has been established. All these kind of sealers should be extruded […]

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Long canal obturation: tips and tricks

Root canals whose length is more than 23 mm are considered as long. When the clinician faces this kind of teeth there are some aspects to take into consideration, from xrays to endodontic obturation, in order to avoid problems.

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Managing a slightly calcified maxillary molar: Step by step with the Smart Endo Kit

Pulp canal obliteration or calcific metamorphosis is a pulpal response to trauma characterized by a rapid deposition of hard tissue within the canal space. It can occur as a result of chronic trauma like attrition or abrasion. In cases where endodontic treatment is needed, canal location and further instrumentation presents a great challenge to the […]

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A trauma story

This is the story of an injured upper right later incisor. Due a surgical approach, a lateral incisor root has been accidentally cut in two parts. In this case the approach has been only to take time and check continuously vitality, eventual root resorption and crown color.

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