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Save the bride: retreatment of a second upper molar with large lesion and sinus tract

Success of endodontic treatment depends upon thorough mechanical and chemical disinfection of the entire root canal system. When the endodontic treatment is of poor quality, apical periodontitis might occur. Numerous studies have investigated the prevalence of apical periodontitis in root filled teeth and its potential risk factors: beyond the substandard quality of the treatment, one of […]

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Endodontic management of complex premolar anatomy By MG3 Files

The success of root canal therapy depends on managing all the existing canals by having the knowledge of the root anatomy, then cleaning, shaping and pack the endodontic space. Variations in root canal anatomy are common and sometimes can't be noticed while taking 2D radiograph, thus there are cases where CBCT is a must. This […]

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Shaping Essentials and Furcal Canal Case Report

Endodontic anatomy is unpredictable, that’s why Preoperative radiographic analysis is very important step in managing endodontic challenges. Some important data could be collected through good reading to preoperative radiograph like root length, canals number, estimated narrowness or canal sclerosis. Once case difficulty is assessed, shaping technique and files sequence could be planned for safer canal […]

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Conservative Shaping with MG3

Is it possible to talk about a conservative approach during shaping? It has been suggested by Clarck and Khademi in 2010 that the prognosis of the tooth after root canal treatment depends on the capacity to preserve peri cervical dentine (PCD) and rebuilt the tooth with as much as possible healthy tooth structure . Since […]

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Smooth endo-resto

Nice and smooth shaping made with our selection of FANTA files. The restoration was done with a 3D printed overlay.

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A Multi-Disciplinary Approach in Non-Surgical Re-treatment of Mandibular Right First Molar

Endodontic re-treatment is a usual scenario in daily practice. Though, it can be challenging due to many related factors. Therefore, it requires good assessment of the case through systematic approaches in terms of diagnosis, treatment plan, and the execution of the procedure.  A 40 years old male patient presented complaining of discomfort and food impaction […]

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Introducing the MG3 set

I would like to introduce to you new, very easy and efficient file set MG3 from PerfectEndo. This is my first video of the shaping protocol to be followed and I hope you will like the files.

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Fanta F-One Essential Kit in action

Here is a demonstration of how Fanta F-One essential kit should be used.

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Endodontic Treatment of a Mandibular Second molar

Root canal system is a complex entity in itself. Success treatment of the root canal system depends upon the triad of thorough cleaning and shaping, disinfection & obturation up-to the calculated working length of the root canals. Failure to follow the Endodontology protocol can lead to failure of the endodontic treatment. Interpretation of a preoperative […]

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Mechanical Management of Calcified & Curved Apical Third of Upper Premolar

Calcified Canals always represent a challenge in root canal treatment, specially when the calcified canal is curved (either moderate or severe curvature). Once the case is identified as a calcified one, either at apical third or the whole length of the canal, we should bear in mind that dealing with such cases requires lots of […]

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Endodontic Management of Maxillary Central Incisor with apical calcification

Traumatic dental injuries (TDIs) occur frequently in children and young adults, comprising 5% of all injuries. Twenty‐five percent of all school children experience dental trauma and 33% of adults have experienced trauma to the permanent dentition, with the majority of the injuries occurring before age 19. Luxation injuries are the most common TDIs in the […]

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Management of a deep bifurcation in a lower first premolar by perfect file

Mandibular premolars have been considered to be the most challenging teeth to be treated endodontically, especially when they present with multiple roots or canals. Their propensities for anomalous variations, narrow mesiodistal dimensions and the ensuing narrow access to canals, lack of visibility, and  bifurcations and deltas are factors that further compound the difficulty for clinicians. Preoperative […]

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