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Endo - Resto Relationship

The predictors of success and failure in endodontically treated teeth depends on several factors: Apical Pathosis, Bacterial status of the canal prior to obturation, Extent and quality of the obturation and Quality of the coronal restoration, Torabinejad 2008(1). These need to be emphasised since majority of endodontically treated teeth have a badly compromised tooth structure […]

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Redefining the access in retreatments: Part I of V

One of the most important step of endodontic therapy is the execution of the access cavity. Very often the failure of the therapy arises from an incorrect realization of this initial step with consequences that can lead to the missing of canals, improper detersion and shaping of the root canal system until the fracture of […]

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Alternative method for removing fractured instrument: a case report

An alternative method, involving the use of an irrigation needle and cyanoacrylate adhesive, allowed the removal of the fractured instrument from inside of the canal system.  During the mechanical shaping of the root canal system, the possibility of fracture of an instrument is always present. When it occurs, the first step is  dealing with our […]

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Management of broken files - A clinical approach

You have a great day and you feel very relaxed while doing an endo treatment for a lower molar, everything is going well, the pulp chamber was opened correctly in a conservative manner, you found all the root canals while correctly following the floor map, then starting instrumentation, shaping, and cleaning procedures; you feel that you are playing […]

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Practical tips in ledge management

Endodontics is nowadays becoming more and more user-friendly with modern rotary or reciprocating files; however despite introducing new products, protocols are still prone to failure. One of the most common problems in endodontics is the formation of a ledge. This deviation from the original canal can be fatal for a tooth. Managing a ledge can be a […]

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Endodontic Flare-up

The occurrence of pain and/or swelling after an endodontic treatment is not uncommon in endodontic practice, and can be a frustrating event for dentists and a disappointing surprise for patients. As stated by the American Association of Endodontics Glossary, a flare up is defined as an “acute exacerbation of asymptomatic pulp or periradicular pathosis after […]

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Root canal disinfection during retreatments: a cordless revolution

The ultimate goal in endodontics is the complete removal and disinfection of the root canal space. The question is if that goal is truly achievable utilizing the conventional techniques we are currently taught. And what about retreatments? Retreatment of endodontic failures is a significant portion of endodontic specialty practice and failure might occur in case of […]

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