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Endodontic treatment of an immature necrotic tooth

A 19 years old patient with a traumatized upper central incisor and a non esthetic diastema came to my office. Considering the age of the patient it has been decided to proceed with a conventional apical plug made in MTA and a direct composite restoration. The major problem in performing a RCT in an inimmaure […]

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Deal with it!

Extendo is a really versatile instrument, especially when anatomy is complicated! This video shows a three rooted upper premolar and its 3d obturation using a bc sealer and just tips of GP points.

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Lower second molar: carrier based obturation...through the furcation

Perforations are defined as artificial communications between the root canal space and the surrounding tissues. Endodontic perforations represent an interruption of the continuum between the endodontic space and the periradicular tissues, periodontal tissues or oral cavity.  In the presence of perforation, studies report a 10 to 12% increase in the failure rate of endodontic procedures.  […]

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Treatment of a C shaped canal of a mandibular second molar

Mandibular second molars are known to have a complex root canal anatomy with anastomosis, resulting in some difficulties during root canal treatment, especially for the complete debridement of organic tissues and bacteria during the shaping and cleaning process and the possibility of insuring a good 3-dimensional seal during obturation. The prevalence of such anatomy is […]

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Step by step management of necrotic immature tooth

Obturation and filling to the root canal system is considered the last step of pulp space treatment. Providing a 3D filling to root canal space and adapting intracanal filling material to cleaned surfaces is required for long term success of the treatment to prevent reinfection. Using MTA as an artificial barrier and apical filling material […]

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Obturation of root canals with impediments

Impediments (obstructions, obstacles) could be of anatomic (Figure 1) or iatrogenic (Figure 2) origin. Obturation of root canals with impediments potentially presents significant challenge for clinician and different approaches are often necessary in order to achieve successful outcome. If the straight master gutta-percha point won’t fit to length the first choice is to precurve gutta-percha […]

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4 Canals in a first maxillary premolar
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