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Locating the calcified - Shaping the narrow

Narrow canal is a great challenge to Endodontist, When combined with calcified entrance the difficulty doubled. Preoperative assessment to the periapical radiograph would help in avoiding many errors that could happen if case is underestimated. In this article we’ll describe how we overcome the challenge using the correct technique and the right tools.

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Last check of the working length

Working lenght (WL) is a controversial topic in Endodontics but, fortunately, Clinicians and Authors agree about respecting it as much is possible during the entire endodontic treatment.  WL is the distance from a coronal reference point to the point at which canal preparation and filling should terminate. The respect of an accurate WL determination during […]

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Conservative treatment of an upper molar

Sometimes we can be extremely conservative in endodontics: we need the right approach and conservative instruments in order to preserve dentine while correctly shaping the root canal system.  

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