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Continuous Wave of Condensation

Developed in 1987, the Continuous Wave of Condensation Obturation Technique was born out of Stephen Buchanan desire to simplify warm gutta-percha downpacking of Schilder's Warm Vertical Condensation.

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Root Canal Filling Systems: Warm Vertical Condensation

Root canal filling systems represents the culmination and of a series of procedural steps. All dentists show a lot of interest when endodontic post-treatment radiographs exhibit puffs, filled accessory canals or shown a particular anatomy, like a isthmus or an accessory canal; cleaned but not shaped. The vertical compaction technique of warm gutta-percha, conceived and described by Schilder […]

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Obturation, Step No. 1: Cone Fit

Cone fit is the first step and a good starting point for a perfect 3D obturation of the root canal system. During this phase, we need: gutta-percha cones, a dedicated caliper and a blade or micro-scissors. Guttapercha cones are available in three different categories: 1) Non Standardized, with 0.20 tip and available in 9 size: […]

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