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Different treatment modalities in a molar

Before performing any root canal treatments you should have knowledge on how to face any problems you face during treatment. In this case we switched treatment plan in the middle of the case due to uncontrolled inflammation in this tooth. Diagnosis is the very first step of any endodontic treatment. To diagnose the degree of […]

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Management of C-shaped canal system

A thorough knowledge of the root canal anatomy and its variations is required for achieving success in root canal therapy, along with diagnosis, treatment planning and clinical expertise,  One such variation of the root canal system is the C-shaped canal configuration.  It is termed so because of the C-shaped cross-sectional anatomical configuration of the root […]

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Poor prognosis?...

A case presentation of hemisectioning of the distal root of a LR6 due to fracture, and 6-year review.  The clinical aspects and considerations are discussed. Occasionally, during our practice, we are required to offer patients a less common treatment modality. Knowing all the possible treatment options available to us, we can provide our patients with […]

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Management of molarized premolar with severly calcified and curved canals

This article clarifies how to deal with extra root canal system anatomy of premolars clinically and how you can manage and shape the buccal tinny and curved canals of molarized premolar with simple technique by using an handpiece with manual files in reciprocation motion. Endodontic treatment success is dependent on thorough debridement and full obturation […]

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Treatment of obliterated root canals using Guided Endodontic technique. A case report

This article reports on an Endodontic treatment of obliterated teeth using a static guided endodontic (GE) technique. The aim is to demonstrate the benefits and limits of static guided endodontics. The process of canal obliteration (CO) is characterized by the apposition of secondary or tertiary dentin, resulting in loss of volume in the pulpal space.  […]

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Fully Calcified Canals : Is it a Challenge ??

A 30 years old female patient been referred to retreat her lower first molar patient was suffering from food packing in the area between  Molar and second premolar Clinical examination showed that there was very bad amlgam Restoration with missing walls Radiography examination show that the tooth was fully  calcified . So we start to treat this tooth Since people are living longer and […]

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The importance of the tube shift technique of radiography, during root canal treatment of mandibular anterior teeth.

One of the leading reasons for an unsuccessful root canal treatment of mandibular anterior, is missing out the presence of a second canal, thus leaving it untreated. (4). In endodontics, parallax technique is preferable for mandibular anterior teeth, to avoid superimposition of canals over each other (1). This article explores the importance of a tube […]

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Pre-operative X-ray: suggested or obligatory

A case report showing the extent of the negative impact resulting from not performing a Pre-operative (diagnostic) x-ray before starting to treat a case. Dental radiology is the core diagnostic modality of dentistry. Dental radiographs assist in detecting hidden painful pathology,  assessing treatment options, providing intraoperative guidance, and also serve to monitor success of prior […]

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Treatment of a very important tooth. Multidisciplinary approach

During our daily treatments we often face different situations where many disciplines of dentistry intertwine with each other, in some treatments we have the need for secondary treatments.  The patient comes to our clinic with complaints in the lower right jaw, and to resolve this situation we performed a multidisciplinary approach to resolve the problem. […]

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Treatment of a cracked tooth

One of the most undesirable situations for us dentists is the diagnosis of cracked teeth, as well as their treatment. This happens because diagnosing tooth micro-fractures, which are usually invisible (not even seen on the Xray), when they are below the level of the gums complicates our situation. If the crack reaches the pulp chamber […]

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Cracked tooth syndrome

Cracked tooth syndrome (CTS) is where a tooth has incompletely cracked meaning without a part of the tooth breaking off. Most of the time it is an incomplete fracture of a vital posterior tooth that occasionally extends into the pulp. CTS could be considered a type of dental trauma and also one of the possible […]

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Managing a maxillary second molar with C shaped anatomy

For a more predictable root canal treatment, a good knowledge of root canal systems, their anatomy and variations, serves a vital role. A failure to identify and manage a varied anatomy could lead to failure of successful endodontic treatment. The “C- shaped” anatomy was first described by Cooke and Cox in 1979. It is named […]

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