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Finding the MB2 canal

In this clinical case I want to emphasize the importance of the instruments and the impact they give us during endodontic treatments, which are often complicated where the help of specific instruments makes the difference. To achieve a successful endodontic treatment, we must meet three conditions : knowledge, experience and the proper instruments.  The chois […]

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SMART ENDO KIT, Full endo solution

In this article we are getting in depth with SMART ENDO KIT from DEPPELER with each instrument Individually. During Endodontic Treatments we are always looking for smart choices , Sharp tools so here we are treating this Lower First Molar using the SMART ENDO KIT. The kit is composed mainly of 5 instruments with 6 […]

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Ledge detection and bypass with Explora after broken file removal

The success of Endodontic retreatment is multifactorial and will depend on the degree of root canal morphology alteration. Irreversible iatrogenic errors such as large perforations or canal transportation will decrease drastically the good prognosis of the treatment.  In cases where it is possible to regain the original anatomy and shape, clean and fill the entire […]

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Partial Necrosis of a Root Canal System

A white male patient was referred for a root canal treatment on seemingly necrotic first right lower molar tooth #46. Patient was exhibiting episodes of pain from time to time that started few days ago. Intra Oral examination showed a sinus tract on the buccal aspect of the gum facing first molar #46.No probing was […]

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The advantages of the prebent explorer in negotiating calcified orifices

Explora is a new flexible explorer designed by Style Italiano Endodontics that allow us to negotiate hidden canals especially, in the mesial orifices of the molars.

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Managing a slightly calcified maxillary molar: Step by step with the Smart Endo Kit

Pulp canal obliteration or calcific metamorphosis is a pulpal response to trauma characterized by a rapid deposition of hard tissue within the canal space. It can occur as a result of chronic trauma like attrition or abrasion. In cases where endodontic treatment is needed, canal location and further instrumentation presents a great challenge to the […]

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Introducing Smart Endo Kit

SmartEndo Kit is the perfect choice for endodontic treatment  

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Retreatment cases simplified with MisurEndo & Explora

DepplerSmartEndo Kit is a complet set of hand instrument for daily Endodontic treatment.  

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