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A case report of endodontic retreatment or I can say revision of lower second left premolar with anatomical challenge of deep split root canal at the apical third.

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Conquering complex Anatomy with MG3

A complex anatomy is considered a real nightmare to any clinician. Lack of attention to the complex anatomy by the clinician can lead to a series of unfortunate events during treatment, such as; Altered anatomy “ledges”, Perforations or Separated instruments.

Therefore; pretreatment evaluation of the case as well as a sound shaping strategy are essential to address the anatomy & avoid mishaps.

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Management of a tooth with primary periodontal lesion with AF F One

Endo pero lesions of primary periodontal organ can be diffcult to diagnose. A multidisciplinary approach is mandatory to solve the case

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Harmonised Multidisciplinary Endodontic treatment/Re-treatment

Endodontic treatment is considered one of the most complicated dental treatments. Although we have a general idea about the number of major canals and outline of the roots, but we are dealing with a complex three dimensional system which sometimes happen to be torturous, so we may face difficulties. However, root canal re-treatment would add more difficulties, as more surprises may exist from previous treatment. For that reason, we should gather as mush as possible of information before prompting the treatment, including a comprehensive history taking, thorough clinical examination, proper radiographs, and cone beam CT if needed.

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ReTreaty kit for conservative retreatments

There is a great trend of interest in minimally invasive treatments in endodontics. Is it possible to apply the same concept in Retreatments, where the previous therapy has failed?Can we change in some way our mindset?Is it possible to use as much as possible just a sequence like ReTreaty kit instead of many different files?

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AF F One Essential Kit in the treatment of a lower left first molar in a patient with periodontal disease

Multidisciplinary in dentistry is essential in order to treat correctly our patients. When for a clinician it is not possible to manage all of the branches of dentistry, the possibility to work in a team is the key to give the patient the best treatment. When I see a patient for the first time, apart […]

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A Perfect Re-RCT

The use of CBCT at the diagnostic and treatment planning stage allows to detect presence of refractory endodontic pathology root by root in multicoated teeth. Teeth affected by pathology in one root only due to the presence of missed anatomy cannot be re-treated surgically and a selective orthograde re-rct approach can be opted for. The […]

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Blue under the bridge

Non surgical endodontic treatment of teeth with prosthodontic works can present some difficulty mainly due to the necessity to disassemble the existing restoration and to the loss of the anatomic references that guide the clinician to find the root canal openings. When getting ready to treat a crowned tooth, the clinician must read carefully the […]

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Conservative retreatment using RE TREATY

In this article we are introducing the RE-TREATY files for the retreatment of Maxillary Molar and we will show how the system combines the function of Cutting Efficiency & Flexibility to facilitate the Retreatment step in a conservative way.

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Re-treatment nightmare

In our daily practice, we face a lot of difficulties in root canal treatment and re-treatment. Some of these difficulties may be due to the case itself, and others may happen during the procedure. Key factors to overcome such situations are identifying these difficulties and knowing how to deal with them.

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How to improve ergonomics in endodontics

Ergonomics in endodontics refers to designing tools, equipment, and workspaces to reduce health risks for operators and patients while improving posture and movement. Ergonomics in endodontics is extremely important to ensure effective and safe execution of the treatment. It refers to the design of tools, equipment and workspaces in order to minimize risks to the […]

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High-Tech files for demanding cases

This article will describe the important factors of the challenging cases of root canal treatment performed with Ni-Ti files.  Introducing heat treatment to the world of endodontics made a huge revolution in the root canals shaping procedures. In most cases the heat treated files became much more flexible and moreover more resistant in many cases. […]

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