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Retreaty Kit, for easier and predictable retreatments

The reason why we designed and developed ReTreaty kit, is because we felt the need to make the reatreatment procedure more predictable and easier. As StyleItaliano Endodontics we already shared the concept that a primary treatment should start since the beginning with rotary files for avoiding iatrogenic errors created by hand files. We transferred now […]

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Retreatment of a central incisor with Essential Kit

Aim of endodontic therapy is to maintain or restore the periapical health of teeth through shaping, cleaning and filling tridimensionally the root canal system. Root canal treatment has proven to be a predictable procedure with a high success rate. Nevertheless, failures occur in 14-16% of primary endodontic treatments and retreatments account for approximately 30% of […]

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Endo-resto management of a poorly treated premolar

The successful outcome of root canal treatment in teeth with non-infected vital pulps depends on preventing root canal infection, while in teeth with infected necrotic pulps it relies on eradication or at least reduction of bacterial counts to levels compatible with peri-radicular tissue healing. To do so, the first thing to do is to carefully […]

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Identifying & managing varied anatomy of palatal canal in a maxillary molar- a case report with two year follow up of retreatment of tooth number 16 with trifurcation in palatal canal.

Being aware of variations in the anatomy and configurations of root canal system is important in order to treat a tooth effectively endodontically. In 1967, the notion of a hermetic seal was introduced by Grossman. (1) When a canal or a split is missed, it may lead to unsuccessful treatment. The palatal root canal system […]

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Thermafil carrier retrieval using a lasso technique

Endodontic treatment failure may occur due to numerous reasons, such as missed canal anatomy and insufficient disinfection, resulting in periapical infection. The use of cone beam computed tomography is invaluable in the diagnosis of periapical pathosis and neglected canals during initial endodontic treatment.  Thermafil is an obturation material that comprises of alpha phase Gutta Percha […]

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Pre-operative X-ray: suggested or obligatory

A case report showing the extent of the negative impact resulting from not performing a Pre-operative (diagnostic) x-ray before starting to treat a case. Dental radiology is the core diagnostic modality of dentistry. Dental radiographs assist in detecting hidden painful pathology,  assessing treatment options, providing intraoperative guidance, and also serve to monitor success of prior […]

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Middle Mesial Canal How to Detect it

Article by: Elias Abboud, Damascus Syria    The mandibular first molar seems to be the tooth that most often requires an endodontic procedure (vital pulp capping, pulpotomy, root canal therapy) therefore, its morphology has received a great deal of attention. The canals in the mesial root are the mesiobuccal and mesiolingual canals. A middle mesial canal (MMC) sometimes […]

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Can surgery fix problems? Part 1

What if retreatment is not enough? Retreatment is one of the biggest challenges for the clinician due to the unexpected surprises, prognosis & diagnosis which may be tricky in many situations. But some times the rationale of treatment may be different in which the Retreatment may not be enough so we may need further intervention.

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Saving Two Mandibular Molars

The Primary objective of endodontic treatments is treatment and/or prevention of apical periodontitis. To achieve this goal, the endodontist must be able to process all the case givens to reach a conservative and predictable treatment. This articles describes the decision making process in non-surgical retreatments of two mandibular molars throughout the endodontic workflow.

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The advantage to use Extendo in removing Thermafil Plastic Carrier on retreatment case

In this article I am going to describe and show how we can use Extendo in daily practice.  It is an instrument of SMART ENDO KIT, from DEPPELER.  The kit has 5 instruments and an endo ruler.

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Removal of obturation material from the root canals: the correct use of ExtEndo

In retreatments the clinician should follow the same different steps: careful radiographic diagnosis and, if required, cbct reconfiguration of the cavity access, to realise the appropriate features and start the endodontic therapy in the proper way removal of accessory retention posts (if present) removal of the obturation material  try to reach the proper working lenght […]

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The alternative use of ExtEndo in non surgical retreatment

In retreatments the phase of the disassembling can be difficult and time consuming. When gutta percha is too soft, for example, removing it by means of ultrasonics devices or rotary systems becomes more difficult, that’s why I stopped using solvents many years ago. In general, my approach in non surgical retreatment is to try to […]

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