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Pulpotomy in mature permanent teeth - Part II

There are three techniques available for treatment of immature permanent teeth with exposed vital pulps: direct pulp capping, partial pulpotomy and complete pulpotomy. Indication for permanent tooth pulpotomy : Tooth has no history of spontaneous pain Tooth has no discomfort to percussion, no vestibular swelling and no mobility Radiographic examination shows normal appearance of periodontal […]

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Vital Pulp Therapy: Part 1: Direct Pulp Capping for A Traumatic Exposure of Permanent Maxillary Right Central Incisor

Pulp inflammation or exposure may occur as a result of many reasons like carries, trauma, or over-zealous preparation. However, if left untreated, this may lead to pulpits, pulp necrosis, and then apical periodontitis, which means more cost and chair-time spent. In addition, more tooth structure loss would jeopardise the survival rate and the outcomes of […]

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Direct pulp capping

A direct pulp capping is a procedure in which a medicament is placed directly over the exposed dental pulp, with the specific aim of maintaining pulp vitality and health (Camp and Fuks, 2006; Hilton, 2009; Mente et al., 2010). Advantages of a successful direct pulp capping are numerous, including the avoidance of more extensive treatment, […]

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