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The management of two mandibular molars with apical inflammatory root resorption

Apical pathology can appear as a straightforward diagnosis, however the tools available for assessment come across different limitations. Histology has highlighted various aspects that can not be yet coherently linked to a clinical situation using imaging investigations (Ricucci, Mannocci & Pitt Ford, 2006). Inflammatory root resorption makes no exception and reveals itself on periapical x-ray […]

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How to evaluate the debris on flutes

The┬áprimary objective of the entire root canal treatment procedure is to eliminate microorganisms and pathogenic debris from the root canal system and to prevent its reinfection: mechanical instrumentation accompanied by irrigation could be considered as the most essential component that aids in reaching this goal. To understand if the instrumentation of the endodontic space has […]

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Overfilling: Endodontic Failure Vs Clinical Success

Many dentists believe that procedural errors in daily practice, such as over-filling, i.e. the contact of filling materials, generally gutta-percha and ZOE (Zinc Oxide Eugenol) sealer with the periradicular region in endodontically treated teeth are a direct cause of endodontic failure. A number of Authors reported the negative impact of over-filling on the predictability of […]

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