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SMART ENDO KIT, Full endo solution

In this article we are getting in depth with SMART ENDO KIT from DEPPELER with each instrument Individually. During Endodontic Treatments we are always looking for smart choices , Sharp tools so here we are treating this Lower First Molar using the SMART ENDO KIT. The kit is composed mainly of 5 instruments with 6 […]

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Misurendo: Measure Your Endo Access

Endodontic treatment major goal is to treat and prevent apical periodontitis. And this goal can be achieved through shaping and cleaning of the root canal systems to eliminate microorganisms. But beforehand, an entrance has to be prepared to gain access to the root canals. This access cavity undeniably is the first step of every endodontic […]

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Partial Necrosis of a Root Canal System

A white male patient was referred for a root canal treatment on seemingly necrotic first right lower molar tooth #46. Patient was exhibiting episodes of pain from time to time that started few days ago. Intra Oral examination showed a sinus tract on the buccal aspect of the gum facing first molar #46.No probing was […]

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Controlled preparation of the Endodontic Access Cavity

The access cavity must make the succeeding steps easier and safer. It must therefore meet the following requirements Permit the removal of all the chamber contents Permit complete, direct vision of the floor of the pulp chamber and the canal openings Facilitate the introduction of canal instruments into the root canal openings Provide access as […]

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Smart decisons for your retreatments w/ MisurEndo, ExtEndo, Multiplo & Prexo M

Apical periodontitis is a local inflammatory response which due to the presence of microorganisms within an infected root canal system1. One of the main goals in endodontics is to be able to prevent this infectious disease or, in cases it already happened with consequences in the periapical tissues, create conditions to a good periapical healing2. […]

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Retreatment cases simplified with MisurEndo & Explora

DepplerSmartEndo Kit is a complet set of hand instrument for daily Endodontic treatment.  

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